Ogasawara Islands

Listed as a Natural World Heritage Site, the Ogasawara Islands offer a taste of the tropics—the sea dotted with coral reefs and tropical fish, and mountains and forests inhabited by indigenous flora and fauna—right here in Tokyo.

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The seas of Ogasawara, dubbed “Bonin blue”

Ogasawara Islands comprise more than 30 islands, both large and small, about 1,000 kilometers south of mainland Tokyo. They were listed as a Natural World Heritage Site in 2011. With temperatures steady year round and the waters clear, the islands are home to diverse species of indigenous flora and fauna. The sole mode of transport is ship. Chichijima Island, the gateway to the Ogasawara Islands, is accessible via the Ogasawara-maru, departing regularly from Takeshiba Terminal in the Port of Tokyo. Activities range from swimming with dolphins to whale watching, diving, swimming, fishing, kayaking, hiking, and trekking. Get an up-close experience of Mother Nature on the tropical Ogasawara Islands.

The dynamic view from a whale watching boat (best in February and March)

Trekking on Mt. Chibusa (Hahajima Island), the highest peak in the Ogasawara Islands