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Updated: November 29, 2023

Several great ways to make water a key feature of your day

When you're strolling through Tokyo's ultramodern canyons of glass and concrete buildings, it can be easy to forget that this is a seaside city full of rivers, lakes, ponds, and canals. Consider this short selection of , from riverside walks to waterfront dining, as a starting point for exploring your own water-themed day.

General Tips

  • Discover the poetry, park, and ponds of Kiyosumi Gardens, then head on for a lunch at a stylish space overlooking the Sumida River
  • Savor the riverside seasons and a sense of wild nature, then move on to a colorful downtown Asakusa district that shaped the character of old Edo
  • Enjoy a restful evening in the absolute center of Tokyo: Nihonbashi. Here too, you can sit by the river as you dine on delicious seafood and sip excellent sake

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The starting point for a day by the water

Kiyosumi Shirakawa Station

On the Toei Oedo Line and Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, Kiyosumi Shirakawa Station is close to the heart of traditional Tokyo. The station is less than 15 minutes from TOKYO SKYTREE in one direction and from Nihonbashi in the other.

Walking3 mins


The old pond

Kiyosumi Gardens

Kiyosumi Gardens offers manicured lawns and lush foliage in any season, plus a photogenic pond with resident ducks, carp, and turtles. At the water's edge you'll find stepping stones formed from beautiful slabs of rock. Winding paths present engaging scenes every step of the way. Trees, flowers, and wooden pavilions make beautiful backdrops for photos to share with family and friends. At the far end of the park is a monument to Japan's most famous haiku poem, which is about a frog plopping into an old pond. To get a sense of the tranquility that inspired the poet Matsuo Basho, aim to visit Kiyosumi Gardens in the morning.

Walking5 mins


An impressive German-inspired structure

Kiyosu Bridge

Just a ten-minute walk away, you will encounter the powerful presence of the Sumida River at Kiyosu Bridge. This structure, built in 1928, was modeled on a famous bridge in Cologne, Germany. Go up the flight of steps just a short walk to the left to enjoy lunch in a waterfront restaurant with a great view of the bridge and the river itself.

Walking3 mins


Riverside craft beer


At Clann By The River, you can savor your meal while enjoying a waterfront view of the Sumida River. The restaurant has terrace seating, and serves food and drink such as locally made bread, coffee, wine, and craft beers from Japan and aboad.

Walking30 mins


From Kiyosumi Shirakawa to Ryogoku

Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo Metropolitan Edo-Tokyo Museum , Sumida Hokusai Museum

If an afternoon walk appeals to you, your next destination is 4 km up the Sumida River in Asakusa. The riverside path offers engaging sights, including flowers, seagulls, boats, and barges, while haiku on plaques offer a reminder that you are still in Basho territory. As you progress along your Sumida River walk, you will pass some tempting places to visit, including the Ryogoku Kokugikan sumo stadium, as well as *Tokyo Metropolitan Edo-Tokyo Museum , and the Sumida Hokusai Museum, both located behind the stadium.

*Note: The entire museum will be closed for large-scale renovations starting April 1, 2022 through 2025.

Walking20 mins


Homemade cakes, with a view

Cafe Mersault

Keep walking beside the Sumida River, cross at Komagata Bridge, then walk towards Azumabashi Bridge and you'll soon find Cafe Mersault. In addition to excellent handmade cakes and coffee, the cafe has a waterfront terrace seating six to eight people that offers a great view of TOKYO SKYTREE and the golden flame atop the Super Dry Hall.

Walking5 mins


The pride of Edo


Now you're just a short stroll from the beating heart of old Tokyo, Asakusa. Sensoji Temple draws visitors from all over the world and is one of Tokyo's must-see spots. But you will find so much more to enjoy in Asakusa, ranging from rickshaw rides to river trips, and craft shops to colorful arcades. Visit the multi-floor Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center to explore your options and find out about the latest hotspots, as well as experiences that will take you back in time to the days of Edo, as Tokyo was once called.

Train15 mins


No distance at all from Tokyo

Nihonbashi Bridge

A 15-minute ride on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, the oldest subway in Japan, will take you to Nihonbashi, the place that is literally in the center of Tokyo. At one end of Nihonbashi Bridge you will find information about the zero-kilometer marker. This bridge is the point from which, for centuries, the distance to every other location in Japan has been measured.

Walking1 min


Eat in style by the riverside


End a full day of Tokyo exploration with waterfront dining. Here, looking out over the dark evening beauty of the Nihonbashi River, enjoy food and drink made with Japan's finest ingredients at Ichinoichinoichi Restaurant & Bar. Enjoy a wide range of creative Japanese cuisine and junmaishu sake perfectly paired to your meal.

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