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Updated: July 20, 2022

Joys of Cruising

Tokyo offers visitors many different ways to enjoy the variety of vessels that ply its waterways, ranging from small boats to larger cruise ships.

From the Tokyo Gate Bridge to Night Cruises

Zeal's Haneda Airport, Tokyo Gate Bridge, and Container Port Cruise

The cruise takes a journey through a variety of themes, from Tokyo Gate Bridge to Rainbow Bridge, to the runways of Haneda Airport, to the seaside factory district. Enjoy a different, fresh view of Tokyo at night from the water.

Departure point Tennozu Yamatsu Pier, 1-39-21 Higashi-shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Access 5-min walk from Tokyo Monorail / Rinkai Line Tennozu Isle Station
Travel time 120 minutes
Inquiries 03-3454-0432


Symphony Tokyo Bay Cruise

Savor both a delicious meal and the Tokyo night view. The luxurious dinner cruise departs from Hinode Pier, passes under Tokyo Gate Bridge, and goes once around Tokyo Bay.

Departure point Hinode Pier, 2-7-104 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access 1-min walk from Yurikamome Hinode Station
Travel time 150 minutes (19:00–21:30)
Inquiries 03-3798-8101
URL Symphony Tokyo Bay Cruise


Funasei and Harumiya (yakatabune houseboats)

For the ultimate Japanese experience, try out the epitome of Tokyo summers—the yakatabune houseboat. It was an entertainment of choice for daimyo lords of the Edo period (1603–1868). Imagine the scene they enjoyed while taking in the view of TOKYO SKYTREE and delighting in exquisite Edo-style tempura.

Departure point Visit the website of each operator
Travel time 1.5 hours–3 hours (varies by course)
URL Harumiya


Tokyo Cruise Ship

Sumidagawa River Line

Route Asakusa ‒ Hama-rikyu Gardens* ‒ Hinode Pier ‒ Asakusa
Departure 10 departures per day
Fare (One-way) Asakusa - Hama-rikyu Gardens: 1,040 yen (Children 400 yen)
*Including admission fee to Hama-rikyu Gardens
Hama-rikyu Gardens - Hinode Pier: 240 yen (Children 120 yen)
Hinode Pier - Asakusa: 860 yen (Children 430 yen)
Asakusa - Hinode Pier: Adults 860 yen (Children 430 yen)
Time required Asakusa ‒ Hinode Pier Approximately 40 minutes


Hotaluna Line

Route Asakusa ‒ Hinode Pier ‒ Odaiba Marine Park ‒ Asakusa
Departure 2 departures per day
Fare (One-way) Asakusa - Hinode Pier: 1,200 yen (Children 600 yen)
Hinode Pier - Odaiba Marine Park: 860 yen (Children 430 yen)
Odaiba Marine Park - Asakusa: 1,720 yen (Children 860 yen)
Asakusa - Odaiba Marine Park: 1,720 yen (Children 860 yen)
Time required Asakusa ‒ Odaiba Marine Park Approx. 1 hr.


Himiko Line

Route Asakusa ‒ Odaiba Marine Park - Toyosu
Departure 2 departures per day
Fare (One-way) Asakusa - Daiba: 1,720 yen (Children 860 yen)
Daiba - Toyosu: 840 yen (Children 420 yen) Toyosu - Asakusa: 1,200 yen (Children 600 yen)
Asakusa - Toyosu: 2,220 yen (Children 1,110 yen)
Time required Asakusa ‒ Daiba Approx. 60 min
Daiba - Toyosu Approx. 30 min
Toyosu - Asakusa Approx. 35 min


Emeraldas Line

Route Daiba - Toyosu
Departure 2 departures per day
Fare (One-way) 1,720 yen (Children 860 yen)
Time required Approx. 55 min

Tokyo Cruise Ship
Official website: Tokyo Cruise Ship
Note: There are also other routes. Please visit the websites above for details. For the latest information, visit the "Today's Operating Status" page on the official website.


Tokyo Mizube Line (Tokyo Waterway Line)

Asakusa‒Odaiba Cruise

Sumidakuyakusyomae - Sensoji Nitemmonmae - Etchujima - Seiroka Garden-mae - WATERS takeshiba - Odaiba Marine Park - WATERS takeshiba - Seiroka Garden-mae - Etchujima - Sumidakuyakusyomae - Sensoji Nitemmonmae

Tokyo Mizube Line (Tokyo Waterway Line)
TEL: 03-5608-8869(9:00–17:00 / Closed Mondays (Tuesday when Monday falls on a holiday))
Official website: Tokyo Mizube Cruising Line (JPN)
Note: There are also other routes. Please visit the websites above for details.

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