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Updated: February 20, 2024


Low-scale earthquakes are commonplace and generally go unnoticed; however more powerful quakes can come as quite a shock if you are not used to them. If an earthquake does occur, stay calm. If you are in a hotel, restaurant or store, follow the instructions of the staff. They are well trained. Don’t rush outside. If you are out in the city, be aware of what is above you. Move to an open and safe place without panicking. When checking into a hotel, take note of the emergency exits.
Lately, there have been incidences of other natural disasters such as heavy rain and flooding. Make sure to stay up to date on the weather in your area and follow official guidance in the event of severe conditions.
For further information on disaster preparedness, refer to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s official website, the JNTO’s official website, and the Disaster Preparedness Tokyo app listed on our Useful Apps page.

Lost property

If you lose something valuable while traveling on a train, in a taxi, or at the airport, there are a number of lost property offices that you can get in touch with. Make sure to be aware of the company running the public transport you are using, just in case you need to get in touch at a later stage.

JR East Lost & Found Telephone Inquiry Center 050-2016-1603
JR Ueno Station Lost & Found 03-3841-8069
JR Tokyo Station Lost & Found (JR East) 03-3231-1880
JR Tokyo Station Lost & Found (JR Tokai) 03-3286-0122
Tokyo Metro Lost & Found Center 0570-033-777
Inquiry Form for Lost Item
Toei Transportation Information Lost & Found 03-3816-5711
Tokyo Taxi Center 03-3648-0300
Haneda Airport Domestic Flights / International Flights (Before Outbound Passport Control): 03-5757-8111
International Flights (After Outbound Passport Control, Before Inbound Passport Control): 050-5533-6931
Narita International Airport
<Before embarkation procedure after disembarkation procedure>
Terminal 1: 0476-32-2105
Terminal 2: 0476-34-5220
Terminal 3: 0476-34-4195

On the road, or if you are unsure where something was lost

Please inquire at the nearest police station or the Tokyo Metropolitan Police's Lost and Found Center.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Lost and Found Center 0570-550-142

Local police stations

Located on most street corners, small police boxes—known locally as koban—support the locality. Drop in for directions, lost-and-found inquiries, or any traffic related incidents. For general police information, call 03-3501-0110.


Embassies in Japan


The following resources are helpful for information on natural disasters in Tokyo and Japan:

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