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Japanese social etiquette

In order to have a comfortable trip and best enjoy your time in Tokyo, it is helpful to familiarize yourself with Japanese manners and customs. For example, etiquette may differ in different scenarios, such as around town, in commercial facilities, or tourist spots. The following “How to “Hello Tokyo”” and “How to Enjoy Tokyo!” present straightforward explanations that are helpful to know during your stay in Tokyo. We hope they will make your time in Tokyo more pleasant.

Customs, culture, and the law

Differences in customs, culture, and the law while staying in Tokyo may be confusing. For example, knowing the appropriate etiquette when visiting shrines and temples, local customs and manners when using a train, and awareness of legal restrictions on drinking, smoking, and drone operation, should ensure you enjoy your time here. A little knowledge about the local culinary culture in Tokyo is also recommended. The official language in Japan is Japanese, but many people can speak some English in the major tourist areas of Tokyo.

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