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Updated: January 26, 2023

The excitement of arriving in Tokyo can soon be lost as you exit from the arrivals gate with a set of heavy suitcases and an imminent trip across the city during rush hour. Avoid the stress by sending your luggage on to your hotel from the airport, allowing you to explore the city hands-free.

The international airports of Haneda and Narita both have luggage delivery kiosks where you can drop off your bags and suitcases and have them sent on to your place of accommodation. From there you can travel across the city with ease—this is especially helpful if you are traveling with children. Your luggage will generally arrive a day later, so make sure to keep enough clothes with you for the first day. In some cases, same-day baggage delivery is an option.

This service is not just limited to the airport. Ask at the front desk of your hotel, as they can often arrange for your bags to be taken to an onward destination, or back to the airport for your return journey. If you are not staying at a hotel, but would still like to make use of a luggage delivery service in Tokyo, you can take your bags to a designated convenience store, and have your baggage delivered to your desired destination.

Even if you are traveling with luggage, most stations have coin lockers available for you to store your bags temporarily. Tokyo's major stations have walls of lockers of various sizes, but be aware that they can fill up very quickly. Most lockers only accept 100-yen and 500-yen coins, so make sure you have some with you. In many stations, including the big, major transit hubs, you can use a Suica card or PASMO card to pay for your locker.

For lockers that accept IC card payments, there will be a touchscreen and a pad labeled Suica and/or PASMO. (Even if only one of the names is displayed, you can use both types of cards.) Rent a locker using the screen, select the option to pay with Suica/PASMO, and deposit your items. When you want to collect your items, tap your same Suica/PASMO card on the pad, and your locker will open. Here's a video showing how the process works.

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