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A town of Sumo with the Atmosphere of Edo


Departure time: Departs at 1 p.m.
Duration of the tour: About 4 hours
Cost: 2,900 yen (breakdown: 820 yen per participant + 2,080 yen for accompanying guide for two people)

You will learn about the tradition and the history of sumo wrestling, a Japanese national sport, at the Sumo Museum. You can also relish grateful taste and experience history and culture of the Edo period at the Edo-Tokyo Museum. This is a route where you can enjoy the charms of Edo and learn about the transition from Edo to Tokyo.

Note:Sumo Museum (No admission) is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and over the year-end and New Year holidays. Tour includes The Sumidagawa Terrace Gallery instead during the Sumo Tournament in January, May and September due to the no admission of the Sumo Museum.
Edo-Tokyo Museum is closed on Mondays.


Tokyo Tourist Information Center at Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal → Shinjuku Station → Ryogoku Station (-Ryogoku-Edo NOREN) → Sumo Museum (weekends, holidays) *The Sumidagawa Terrace Gallery in January, May, and September → Kyu Yasuda Gardens → The Edo-Tokyo Museum (closed on Mondays) → Ryogoku Station (end)

Regarding Guide Services

This guide service is provided by volunteers, and transportation is mainly by public transport or walking.
The participants for the guide service are up to 5 people.
It will be accompanied by 2 tour guides.
Participants are required to pay the costs for 2 tour guides.
The fees shown here are for 1 participant. The price changes depending on the number of participants. We will notify you of the actual fee by email.
The fee for guide services should be paid with Japanese Yen.
Among the participants, there must be at least 1 person over 20 years old.
Some facilities may be closed depending on the day of the week.
The time and date of departure changes depending on the route, so please check the details for each route.

The fee is the amount required for transport and attraction admission fees. (Including the fees for 2 guides). It also includes the amount required for the guides to return to Shinjuku after the guidance finishes. The guidance itself is free of charge.

Regarding Bookings

1) To apply for a tour, click the “Apply here” button.
2) We require you to inform us of your first and second preference for route and time/date. Please understand that we may be unable to offer guidance on your preferred date depending on volunteer schedules.
3) Bookings are required from 1 month to 3 days prior to your preferred guidance date.
4) After submitting your booking, we will send a response within a week. For bookings made from 1 week to 3 days before, we will respond the day before your preferred date at the latest. Be sure to include your contact details in Japan. 5) To cancel a booking, please contact us at least 1 day prior.

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