Todoroki Valley

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Todoroki Valley is the only valley in all of Tokyo's 23 cities, where you can see nature like this. This nature valley is one of the Setagaya top 100 beauty spots. The Setagaya City is responsible for upkeep and maintenance of this valley. The river that flows through the Todoroki Valley is the Yazawa River, which flows from Yoga in Setagaya towards the Tama River. On its way to the Tama River, the Yazawa River flows through lush forests where you can hear the chirping of birds and the babbling of the flowing river. With all of this, it tends to make us forget that you are still in the middle of a city here.
The valley is about 1.2 KM in length when measured from the meeting point of the Tama River and the Yazawa River to the valley head. If you are going up the valley from here, you will come across Fudo Falls and Myooin, which is known for the Todoroki Fudo. If you head down the valley, you can reach the Tama River bank in less than 1 KM.

Turn right between the soba restaurant "Ginya" and the tofu shop "Midoriya ." You can use the big tree as a handy landmark here.

Go down the steps that run down the side of Golf Bridge and suddenly in an almost miraculous way a beautiful green landscape appears before your eyes.

As you go down along the path following the river into this valley of nature, you will be able to see water springs.

The sunshine coming down through the leaves is lovely and refreshing on the path within the Valley. This valley was formed by erosion coming from the Yazawa River as it rushed down to meet the Tama River.

Let's enjoy exploring some nature now whilst listening to the singing of wild birds and bubbling sound of the Yazawa River.

When you wash your hands in the water at "Chigo Daishi Mieido" (the statue of a Kobo Daishi as known as Master Kukai), we would like to suggest that you don't drink this water without first boiling it.

Why don't you pray to "Chigo Daishi Mieido " that entemples Kobo Daishi.