Beer Gardens


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Ice cold beer in the night breeze is a heavenly delight

Cheers! On hot and humid nights in Tokyo, how about a glass of cold beer in the breeze under the stars? Go out with friends, munch on pizza and yakitori, and take a good gulp of beer. You’re guaranteed to order a round of seconds.

* The event has finished.

  • This is an exclusive beer terrace where visitors can enjoy a beautiful Japanese garden and cuisine that is the pride of Meiji Kinenkan. Entertainment, including traditional Japanese dance and live music performances, is provided three times a day. There is a lot to enjoy here on a beautiful summer night in Japan!
    *Minors (including infants and young children) are not permitted to enter.

    • Open :
      June 1 (Thu.) - September 13 (Wed.)
      *Closed on all weekends and national holidays, excluding August 11 and 12 and 13 and 19 and 20
      17:00 - 22:30
      *Open 16:00 - 22:30 between August 14 and 20
    • Address: 2-2-23 Moto-Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • Located at an altitude of 500 meters, this beer garden offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding areas both during the day and at night. The "all-you-can-drink" option allows beer lovers to enjoy four major Japanese draft beer brands (Asahi, Kirin, Suntory, Sapporo) along with over 30 different food items from Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisines. Popular food items include Hachioji Ramen and Yakisoba made with home-made noodles and the numerous deserts that are well-liked by female customers.

    • Open :
      June 15 (Thu.) - October 15 (Sun.), 2017
      *open everyday excluding on typhoon and other severe weather condition days
    • Address: 2181 Takao-machi, Hachioji, Tokyo
  • This is a beer garden inside an amusement park. An attractive feature is the fact that visitors can drink beer while enjoying stage-based shows, such as live music and dance performances, in an expansive space! In addition to Asahi Super Dry beer, there is an extensive lineup of cocktails made with Jack Daniel’s, Lucas Bols, and so on. The substantial food menu centering on meat dishes is also definitely worth checking out!

    • Open :
      Open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between July 21 - August 27, 2017, and everyday between August 11 - 15, 2017
      (the Obon holidays in Japan)
    • Address: 3-25-1 Koyama, Nerima-ku, Tokyo
  • Fireworks festivals
  • Bon odori
  • Marine sports