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Take the Water Bus

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Updated: September 30, 2022

Cruise Tokyo's waterways in style, from historic Asakusa to futuristic Odaiba

Catch a unique perspective of Tokyo, riding aboard a comfortable water bus. Cruise through narrow canals and open sea, venturing from old historic center of Asakusa all the way to the modern reclaimed island of Odaiba.

General Tips

  • Spend a few minutes browsing food and souvenir shops in Asakusa
  • Check the timetable in advance for water bus departure times
  • Only a few Asakusa-Odaiba direct line boats are available per day, so arrive early

Map Legend

  • Walking
  • Taxi
  • Bus
  • Train
  • Water Bus


A small, but lively station servicing a historic center

Asakusa Station

Leave the station by Exit 1, which is closest to Sensoji Temple—be sure to check out the vast array of stalls lining the streets that lead up to the temple.

Walking5 mins


One of Japan's most well-known temples—vibrantly colorful and filled with vestiges of a long and storied history

Sensoji Temple

Pass through Asakusa’s famous Kaminarimon, or Thunder Gate, and marvel at the massive ancient structure and picturesque huge red lantern. Take time to wander through this cultural site with a backdrop that perfectly juxtaposes the traditional-modern duality of Japan. Purchase some incense at the entrance to light and offer your prayers.

Walking5 mins


A convenient and unique way to see Tokyo by traveling its waterways

Tokyo Water Bus

Board the Tokyo Water Bus at the Asakusa Pier and purchase a ticket for the Asakusa-Odaiba Direct Line at the ticket office. Enjoy cruising at a leisurely pace as your water bus sails down the Sumida River into Tokyo Bay. Take advantage of the panoramic windows to get some fabulous shots of riverside Tokyo.

Water Bus50-60 mins


A reclaimed park with luscious greenery, fun leisure activities, and stunning views

Odaiba Marine Park

Take a leisurely stroll along the approximately 800-meter artificial sand beach as you take in the sights at each of the park areas, including Edo-period naval batteries. Climb the observatory and snap a few iconic pictures of Rainbow Bridge and the downscaled Statue of Liberty.

Walking6 mins


In a space dedicated to Japan's most famous noodles, treat yourself to a delicious bowl at one of the six unique shops

Tokyo Ramen Kokugikan Mai

Walk down the street from Odaiba-Kaihinkoen Station, or through the park towards AQUACiTY. Inside the massive shopping mall, you'll find Tokyo Ramen Kokugikan Mai on the 5th floor. Take your time to peruse each of the shops before settling on your bowl of choice, but don't worry, each of the shops boast delicious flavors and styles. How about trying Odaiba’s special ramen that is only available here?

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