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Get Pumped for the Olympic Games

The Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 are gearing up to be the event of the century. Before they begin, get up to date on the history of sports in Japan. In preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Games, the Edo-Tokyo Museum has put together a delightful exhibition documenting the history of sports in Japan and the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

“The History of Sport in Japan – From the Edo Period to the Tokyo Olympics” will take visitors on a tour through time learning about sports-like games and pastimes of the Edo period (1603-1868), the popularization of sports in the Meiji period (1868-1912), and finally the first Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964. This exhibition will also showcase information on the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Games.

The Edo-Tokyo Museum has curated this exhibition to include artwork depicting various sports over the years and iconic objects such as uniforms and medals. As a result, the museum has created a space that paints a clear picture of the evolution of sports in Japan that stirs excitement and anticipation for the upcoming Tokyo 2020.

Visitors keen to scratch their Olympic itch are advised to get in quick, as the exhibition is only open from 6 July to 25 August 2019. The Edo-Tokyo Museum also offers a range of other entertaining and informative exhibitions, so setting aside a full day to enjoy the museum is recommended.


TOKYO MET SaLaD MUSIC FESTIVAL returns for those craving for some great melodies

The noise of a bustling city can be overwhelming, but that doesn’t stop locals from appreciating good music. SaLaD Music Festival starts Tokyo’s summer off with a bang with free live performances throughout the Ikebukuro area and crescendos into a foot-tapping finale in September with SaLaD Music Festival Main Concert: Roméo et Juliette.

TOKYO MET SaLaD Music Festival began in 2018 is another great example of the city’s passion for music. The name of the festival was derived from its slogan “Sing and Listen and Dance!!” People of all ages can experience live music this year in the main program taking place at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre in Ikebukuro thanks to the festival held by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra in cooperation with the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre and Toshima-ku (city). Starting this July, free mini-concerts will fill the air with the hum of strings and voices around Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Ueno, and Tama – leading up to the festival’s climax in September.

《OK! Orchestra》 is one of the festival’s main events. Conducted by Kazushi Ono, the ensemble will strike a chord with music lovers on Saturday, 14 September. The concert will be packed with opportunities for audience participation, including “Let’s Sing Together,” where the audience sings along with an orchestra accompaniment. There are also sessions that allow the audience to try their hand at conducting the orchestra. A selection of crowd favorite pieces will also be performed including “Overture March” from the beloved video game franchise “DRAGON QUEST V” and a Disney medley. Everyone from babies to adults can enjoy this festival. Tickets go on sale starting 9 July.


Contact: SaLaD Music Festival Office saladmusicfes@k-bm.co.jp

Travel Tips & Key Information
Hotel Okura Tokyo Set to Be Reopen as The Okura Tokyo

In 2015, Hotel Okura Tokyo’s main building, a masterpiece of modern architecture and Japanese craftsmanship, was scheduled for reconstruction as The Okura Tokyo scheduled to reopen in 12 September 2019. Many were shocked by this decision and even started a petition to save the historic landmark, but thankfully it seems as if their fears will be proven to have been unfounded.

The new hotel will offer a total of 508 rooms and consist of two buildings. The smaller one, The Okura Heritage Wing, will stand at 17-stories tall as the more luxurious option. With access to lush gardens and green spaces, the new hotel will conserve a sense of traditional Japanese beauty that diehard fans of the old hotel didn’t want to lose. This veritable oasis in the center of a steel and concrete jungle of Japan’s capital will also serve as a central metropolitan evacuation area.

The Okura Heritage Wing will be Japanese style that is elegant simple. Both its lobby and the rooms have been spaciously designed, giving guests a pleasant and relaxing stay in one of the busiest cities on the planet. The larger building, The Okura Prestige Tower, will be a grand 41-story structure housing one of the largest hotel ballrooms in Tokyo and also this tower’s lobby will be a reprise of the former Hotel Okura Tokyo lobby, proudly carrying on the Okura’s tradition of beautiful Japanese aesthetics. Decorations will include signature legacy pieces such as the Okura Lantern ceiling lights, lacquered tables and chairs arranged like plum flowers, and the world map and clock. Even though the hotel still hasn’t reopened, it’s obvious that The Okura Tokyo will surely live up to, and perhaps even surpass, the high standards set by its predecessor.


Contact: Public Relations
Hotel Okura Co., Ltd.
Ms. Ikuko Arai pr@hotelokura.co.jp

PASMO PASSPORT: The Best Way to Explore Tokyo

From September 2019, visitors to Japan can get their hands on the brand new PASMO PASSPORT, the most convenient smart card with the best perks for travelers wanting to explore Tokyo and other areas of Japan. 

Anyone living in Japan will agree that PASMO is one of the most convenient ways to use public transport in Tokyo, but it can also be used for buying goods at convenience stores, vending machines, and most major retailers.

From September 2019, visitors to Japan can get their hands on the brand new PASMO PASSPORT, the most convenient smart card with the best perks for travelers wanting to explore Tokyo and other areas of Japan. PASMO PASSPORT can purchased at Narita International Airport, Haneda Airport or some major train stations. (A passport is required for purchase) Compared to PASMO, it can’t be refunded any card balance that has already been charge and can be used up to 28 days.

While a complete list of discount-available stores is yet to be released, it can be expected that some stores and facilities in and around PASMO operating areas will offer these PASMO PASSPORT-exclusive perks.

*"PASMO" is a registered trademark of PASMO Co., Ltd. PASMO®


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24-25 Aug 2019
53rd Azabu-Juban Noryo Festival
31 Aug 2019
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Shiba Shinmei Daradara Matsuri /Ginger Root Festival
14-15 Sep 2019
Sakaki Matsuri Festival of Hiyoshi Jinja Shrine
8 Sep 2019
Sanma Festival in Meguro / Meguro Kumin Matsuri
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A Marathon of Entertainment in Oimachi and Kamata

In a thrilling metropolis like Tokyo, you don’t have to travel far to find excitement. Even along the way from Haneda Airport, each station is packed with entertaining hotspots.
Bustling shopping streets and uproarious stadiums like those found in Oimachi and Kamata.

The Oi Hockey Stadium near Oi Keibajo Mae Station (Tokyo Monorail) and Tachiaigawa Station (Keikyu Main Line) is now under construction at the Oi Central Seaside Park Sports Forest. As a multipurpose facility, the stadium will also host a variety of sports and events after the plans are finished. With the Tokyo Olympics approaching quickly, the whole city has caught sports fever, and locals are hoping to cool off while cheering one their favorite rowing teams at the nearby Sea Forest Waterway. The newly constructed course in Tokyo Bay will offer incredible views of the athletes and of the undeniably unique Tokyo skyline.

Making a splash in the area is also the SPORU SHINAGAWA OIMACHI, a newly opened sports facility near Oimachi Station where you can ride simulated waves and show off your athletic skills through a number of other activities.

Some would argue that shopping can be an exercise enough on its own, and with the incredible selections found along Kamata’s legendary shopping streets, you may find yourself putting in a lot more legwork than expected as you run from store to store. Rain or shine, Kamata’s Shotengai offers a lively stretch of entertaining shops and restaurants. At night, the old-fashioned shopping paths and restaurants are warmly lit with charming lamps all along the way giving it a quaint atmosphere. A great place to relax and shop while experiencing the culture of Japan.

Monthly Video Spotlight
From Tsukiji to Toyosu
A Familiar Tradition in New Surroundings

As the largest wholesale fish market in the world, Tsukiji Market has been a popular destination for Tokyo visitors for decades. Over the last few years a relocation plan was put into effect and the world-famous fish market (inner market) was moved to Toyosu. The new Toyosu Market officially opened its doors in October of 2018 and houses many of the same faces and shops that were present in Tsukiji. Still in its infancy, this modern market has been designed from the ground up to accommodate the waves of visitors its predecessor was known for.


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