Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau can help you organize and manage your school trip to Tokyo every step of the way. Find out how your students can benefit from this lifetime experience.


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Make Tokyo your next destination for a school trip!

Tokyo is a metropolis like no other. A sprawling city where ancient meets modern,Tokyo has served as the pulsating heart of Japan for over 400 years.
Tourists flock here from around the world to sample the city’s one-of-a-kind atmosphere.
While embracing legacy and tradition, the city is forever in flux.Come to Tokyo and you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

TCVB will support your school visit in Tokyo

So please take the time to visit schools in Tokyo. This experience no doubt will be an unforgettable time that will benefit both students in the future.
If you plan to visit a school in Tokyo during a school trip, do not hesitate to contact us.
Not only introducing a school that you can visit, but we will also coordinate a program upon your request. For the arrangement, inquiry at an early stage is preferable (3 months). We will do our best to arrange a school visit program for you.

What we do

  • Arrange and coordinate school visit program in Tokyo upon your request.
  • On-site support, such as
    • TCVB staff attendance
    • Providing volunteer translator etc.

Our experiences

Starting this support from 2007, We have experiences of arranging school visit in Tokyo from elementary school to university now.

Schools from

Australia Canada China
France Hong Kong Malaysia
Mexico Netherlands Philippines
Singapore South Korea Taiwan
Thailand U.S.A  

Typical visit program to high schools in Tokyo

One day

10:00 Arrive school
  Join classes
  Lunch at school
  Free talking
  Join club activities
  Photo session
  Farewell ceremony
17:00 Leave school


half day

13:00 Arrive school
  Welcome ceremony
  School tour
  Join classes
  Join club activities
  Free talking
  Photo session
  Farewell ceremony
17:00 Leave school


Teacher’s voices

  • It was a good chance to widen our student’s view.
  • Simply, our students had fun !
  • Students have learnt a lot about different culture.
  • Talking and having fun with students of similar age motivate our students to learn foreign language.

Standard high school calendar in Japan

Semester system

Trimester system


Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau
Tourist Promotion Department
Nisshin Bldg. 6F, 346-6
Yamabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0801

For further inquiries, contact us.

*School visits will be arranged only for a student group.

Tokyo Educational Sightseeing Map


Basic concept

The comprehensive guidebook presents information on facilities and productive experiences for students, educators, and travel agencies planning educational trips to Tokyo.
It is the definitive reference for selecting courses and individual destinations.


About 132 facilities from a broad range of genres are presented in easy-to-use categories, along with maps, an index, and model courses.

For further inquiries, contact us.

Places to visit

House of Councillors, The National Diet of Japan

In a tour course, visitors are escorted to the Visitors Lobby, the Chamber Publizc Gallery, the Resting Room, the Imperial Family’s Room, the Central Hall, the Front Courtyard and other places. In the Visitors Lobby public exhibitions are held, which introduce the roles and activities of the House of Councillors, the history of the Diet building and other information.

National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)

Miraikan is a science museum where visitors can enjoy learning advanced science, including earth environment, robots, space and life science, through hands-on exhibitions and interaction with a science communicator. 3D planetarium shows, special exhibitions and other events are also held.

Edo-Tokyo Museum

A museum that hands down the history and cultures of Edo and Tokyo to modern people. Exhibitions include about 2500 items of ukiyo-e, picture scrolls, clothes and old maps, as well as 50 large models.

Other useful information on educational travel and school trips

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