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Updated: March 20, 2019

Michael Turtle

Country/Region: Australia

Interests: Culture

Number of Visits to Japan: 12

What Do You Think of Tokyo?: I love Tokyo - it's one of the most exciting cities in the world!

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done during the day - when night falls in Tokyo, it’s like you have a whole new city to explore. As well as the famous nightlife highlights, it’s worth making the effort to find some special and local experiences in Tokyo in the evenings.

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A unique way to see Tokyo at night

Nighttime canoeing

If you’re looking for a special Tokyo experience, you’ll find it in a canoe on one of the city’s main waterways. This is a really interesting way to explore a different side of the city and do something active. Paddling down the river in the dark is such a peaceful experience and gives you the time to look at your surroundings. The view of Tokyo Skytree all lit up is quite spectacular.
It takes about 30 minutes by subway from central Tokyo to get to the launch site. After meeting with the canoe guides, you’ll get a lesson (in Japanese) on how to use the canoe and then you’ll set off on the water. The water is really calm and the group moves slowly so it’s easy enough for any skill level.
I enjoyed doing a bit of an unusual activity in Tokyo – a city that you normally associate with busy streets and neon lights. It’s lovely to have some fresh air, a peaceful environment, and a sporty experience.
Canoeing at night is a great activity for families because it’s suitable for adults and children. It could also be a fun option for people who have been to Tokyo before – or are spending a long time in the city – and are looking for a different experience beyond the obvious. I really liked doing something that I had never considered before and didn’t even realise was possible!

TrainandWalking45 mins

From Higashi-Ojima Station, take the Shinjuku Line to Morishita Station, then transfer to the Oedo Line.
Get off at Roppongi Station, and walk for 14 minutes.


One of Tokyo's popular sports bars

Legends Sports Bar

When it comes to vibrant parts of Tokyo for nightlife, there’s lots happening in Roppongi. This district is full of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs and it’s easy to find something to do.
Roppongi is also particularly popular with Tokyo’s expat community and so quite a few of the bars and restaurants cater specifically for foreigners. It means there’s a good level of English spoken and you’ll often be able to find your favourite beer from home.
I think this will be a good area for sports fans during the Rugby World Cup. Quite a few of the establishments will be showing the games on televisions and it will be a busy spot after the matches for spectators who have been at the stadium.
One of the places that will be good for rugby fans to check out is Legends Sports Bar, that has big screens that will be showing all the games. It’s an American-style bar that serves burgers and has a decent selection of international beers.

TrainandWalking26 mins

From Roppongi Station, take the Oedo Line to Shinjuku Station, then walk for 17 minutes.


Baseball after dark

Batting cage

Japan’s love of baseball knows no bounds and one of the best ways to easily get involved is to head to one of Tokyo’s indoor batting cages. Machines will pitch balls at you as you try to hit them as hard as you can. It’s a fun and safe environment perfect for the whole family.
I had a great time swinging at the balls at the Oslo Batting Centre in Shinjuku and, even though I’m not particularly good, I got better and was hitting some decent ones by the end. You can change the speed of the balls and the height at which they reach you, making it a bit easier if you need some help.
There’s a good atmosphere at the batting centre, which doesn’t allow alcohol and has other arcade games you can play. There’s a whole row of positions where you can bat and an orderly waiting system when it’s busy.
I was also impressed with how affordable it is. You can get 60 balls for just 1000 yen and it gets even cheaper the more you buy. For instance, you can get 500 balls for just 5000 yen! It’s perfect for a group of friends who want to hang out for a bit and see who can do the best. If you’re heading out, take note of what time the public transport ends for the night. That said, it’s always easy to get a taxi back to your accommodation.

HotelBack to hotel

After exploring the streets of Shinjuku, take a taxi back to your hotel

Note: This article was written by a blogger invited to contribute a story for the 2018 project promoting Tokyo nightlife tourism.

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