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Updated: October 29, 2020

The Ginza area delights the eye with sophisticated architecture befitting this home of traditional culture and classic fashion.

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Louis Vuitton Matsuya Ginza

Designed by Jun Aoki, also responsible for other Louis Vuitton stores in Japan and elsewhere, this establishment has a facade modeled on the iconic LV pattern. The motifs embedded in the specially treated material of the exterior wall emerge from the shading and lighting effects.

徒歩7 mins


Tokyu Plaza Ginza

Tokyo is home to several iconic Tokyu Plaza shopping complexes. Tokyu Plaza Ginza, completed in 2016, takes up an entire city block, and was designed by Nikken Sekkei, an architectural and engineering firm based in Tokyo that is one of the world's largest architecture practices. The elegant panes of the exterior bring to mind Edo kiriko, a traditional Japanese style of cut glassware, and the rooftop Kiriko Terrace offers expansive views of Ginza and the surrounding neighborhoods.

徒歩2 mins


Maison Hermes Ginza

Designed by master Italian architect Renzo Piano, this building is constructed out of square blocks of glass that allow sunlight to enter during the day. After dark, when they project the interior light outward, the surface of the building looks like a colossal Japanese paper screen.

徒歩5 mins


Mikimoto Ginza Main Store and Mikimoto Ginza 2

Incorporating approximately 40,000 pieces of glass, the awe-inspiring facade of the Mikimoto Ginza Main Store is meant to represent the glitter of the sea in spring. Architect Hiroshi Naito, who has handled a range of projects in Japan and elsewhere, designed the building's impressive exterior.
The brilliant exterior of the Mikimoto Ginza 2 building boasts various windows of different shapes and sizes. Designed by architect Toyo Ito, it was inspired by foam produced by pearl-bearing shells.

徒歩4 mins


Ginza Six

Ginza Six is the largest retail space in Ginza. Opened in 2017, it was designed by the legendary architect Yoshio Taniguchi, famous for his redesign of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Inside you’ll find works of art by prominent contemporary artists from Japan and other lands, curated in collaboration with the Mori Art Museum. The roof has a serene garden overlooking Ginza, and fans of classical Japanese culture will enjoy the Kanze Noh Theater in the basement.

徒歩8 mins


Ginza Kabukiza (Kabukiza Theatre/Kabukiza Tower)

Rebuilt in 2013 to a design by Kengo Kuma & Associates, this structure features an interior that draws inspiration from 16th-century Japan, and a gorgeous interior. Even visitors who choose not to watch a kabuki performance can enjoy the gallery and shops. Behind it is the 29-floor Kabukiza Tower, the tallest structure in the Ginza district.

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