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Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (TCVB) offers support services for overseas media planning to feature Tokyo as a tourist destination in printed articles, TV/radio programs, online articles, or videos that contribute to promoting tourism in Tokyo.

When requesting our support, please read carefully the terms and conditions and agree when submitting the application.

1. What we offer

If your application for the media support program is approved, TCVB will offer support services*.

*Support services should be limited to within the Tokyo area (except the pick-up service to and from Narita Airport), and what we offer may vary according to the content of your application or plan, or the exposure effectiveness of the article.

We offer three types of support as listed below. However, a limited amount of support can be provided for each recipient according to our budget and could result in only some of the following support being provided.


  • Up to three nights’ accommodation* (two-three star equivalent), for up to three professional journalists.
  • * We cannot grant payment if you book accommodation by yourself with your credit card account in advance.


  • Tokyo 1-Day Ticket* that allows travel on the metro and buses in Tokyo’s central 23 wards, as well as JR lines**.
  • * The offering of IC-card for transportation is currently suspended due to the suspension of sales of personalized IC-card.
  • **We cannot offer the Japan Railway Pass.
  • Arrangement for a vehicle and driver
  • Pick-up service to and from Haneda Airport or Narita Airport

■Guide or Coordinator

  • Arrangement for a guide* or coordinator** for up to three days and up to eight hours/day
  • *A guide cannot make arrangements or negotiate permission for filming/photography
  • **A coordinator will make arrangements and coordinate the filming/photography of the tourist attractions and venues.

ATTENTION: What we do NOT offer

  • Arrangements and expenses for airline tickets to/from Tokyo/Japan
  • Meals
  • Any additional expenses not listed in the above “1. What we offer”

2. Requirements for your application

Before you apply for our support program, you should arrange the following:

  • your flight
  • an assignment letter/verification issued by the media company you are assigned to if you are freelance.
  • your itinerary, coverage/filming/photography plan

3. Terms and Conditions

When you apply for our media support program, you will be asked to ensure the following:

  • that the article or program you have planned is related to tourism promotion in Tokyo.
  • submission of the application form no later than four weeks in advance of the date of your arrival in Tokyo and no later than FEB 28, 2025.
  • any filming/photography and interviews are completed by MAR 31, 2025 as the offers are valid until MAR 31, 2025.
  • the dates of the publication of articles / broadcasting on TV/radio / posting of online articles or videos are fixed in advance of your application. They should be published/broadcasted/posted basically within six months of the time of coverage.
  • to conduct your coverage/filming/photography according to your planned itinerary that will be discussed with the media support team of TCVB.
  • to inform the total number of people in your group.
  • to get the necessary permissions for shooting/taking photos of the sites you visit, also paying attention not to bother others.
  • In the event that you cancel our arrangements for your coverage (filming/photography and interviews) without a valid/unavoidable reason, we may claim the cancellation fee and cease supporting your coverage thereafter.
  • to submit the following feedback within one week after your coverage.
  • 1) questionnaire
  • 2) photos of visited places taken during your coverage, including your own image (selfie) at the places.
  • *Please provide feedback and photos during your coverage in Tokyo with permission for usage. They will be used for reports, case studies, and promotional purposes.
  • The final product data with an English summary needs to be sent to Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau immediately after publication or broadcasting.
    *In the event that you do not send us the product data (your images, articles, etc.), photos, and a questionnaire after our request to do so, we may reclaim all the expenses we provided as support.
  • to put “Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau” in the credit sequence.
  • We may share the personal information we obtained concerning this media support program with a third party (accommodation, transportation, guide/coordinator service provider, etc.) only for the purpose of arranging our support service.
  • Terms and conditions may change without notice at the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau's discretion.

4. How to apply


  • Please fill out the application form.
  • We will send an e-mail message after we have received your application. After reviewing your application, we will inform you of whether your application has been approved or not.
  • For further details and general inquiries about the Media Support Program, please contact us at the following address:
    Monday – Friday 9:00am -17:00pm (Our office is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays,including year-end/new year holidays.)

5. Past examples

See examples of media coverage we have supported in the past.