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Course: Inokashira Park >> Taisho-dori, Showa-dori, and Nakamichi-dori Streets >> Coppice Kichijoji >> Harmonica Alley

The route starts at Inokashira Park, which attracts not only neighborhood residents but also enthusiasts who make a special trip to visit the Shizen Bunka-en Gardens and take a boat ride in the pond. A stroll through Kichijoji’s unique shopping streets and yokocho alleys promises countless encounters with attractive merchandise, delicious food, and the warmth of the local people.

10:00 JR Kichijoji Station

Walk 20 minutes

10:20 地図上の1Inokashira Park

From JR Kichijoji Station South Exit, head for Inokashira Park, where vestiges of the old Musashino woodland linger. Meet various animals in the Shizen Bunka-en Gardens, and ride a boat in Inokashira-ike Pond. In spring, cherry blossoms bloom around the pond, attracting crowds of hanami visitors.

Walk 25 minutes

12:00 地図上の2Taisho-dori, Showa-dori, and Nakamichi-dori Streets

Return to JR Kichijoji Station, and explore the three streets extending from the North Exit. Apart from a vibrant mix of restaurants, sundry shops, and boutiques, there are also stylish cafés. Choose one of them and have lunch.

Walk 3 minutes

14:00 地図上の3Coppice Kichijoji

Coppice Kichijoji, also at JR Kichijoji Station North Exit, is a commercial complex designed under the theme “Kichijoji style community” and features more than a hundred stores.

Walk 3 minutes

15:00 地図上の4Harmonica Alley

Relish the atmosphere of Kichijoji’s famous Harmonica Yokocho. The alley’s name derives from the resemblance of the small, neatly lined shops to the reeds of a harmonica. The shops that come into view once you go through the narrow labyrinthine alley are great fun. Besides the restaurants, the lineup of sundry shops, salons, and fortune tellers will keep you exploring all day long.

Walk 1 minutes

17:00 JR Kichijoji Station

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