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Vol.138 September 2022

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Welcome to the Tokyo Now Newsletter.

Our goal is to help you enjoy the high-tech urban atmosphere of Tokyo
combined with ancient shrines, festivals and old-fashioned manners.

Prepare to discover Tokyo you have never seen before!

We have brilliant news for you! Japan will begin accepting foreign tourists in stages starting June 10. This is the first attempt to lift the travel restrictions imposed in March 2020 due to a surge in COVID-19 infections. Japan is slowly reopening to tourists, so we sincerely hope we can welcome you all very soon!


September is the month when Tokyo glides from summer to autumn. You can enjoy the best of both worlds with quintessential summer activities, such as fireworks displays, and festivals celebrating the arrival of autumnal plants and foods! Let’s see what Tokyo has to offer in September.

  • PEOPLE: Sumo wrestler Sōkokurai Eikichi


    Sumo wrestler Sōkokurai Eikichi

    people people people
    Sumo is known to have dated back thousands of years, yet it is still one of the most popular sports in Japan.
    Six tournaments are held in Japan yearly, with three in Tokyo at the famous Ryogoku Kokugikan - an indoor sporting arena that seats over 10,000 visitors and hosts three of the six annual sumo tournaments (in January, May, and September).
    While VR sports are becoming more popular due to the evolution of sports, sumo in real life is also gaining popularity. This autumn, on the 2nd of October 2022, we have a chance to watch the retirement ceremony of Sōkokurai Eikichi - a former professional sumo wrestler from Inner Mongolia, China.
    He retired in March 2020 after wrestling for about ten years to take over Arashio stable - the stable of sumo wrestlers located in Nihombashi area, Tokyo.
  • PAST: Oldest sake brewery in Tokyo


    Oldest sake brewery in Tokyo

    Ozawa Shuzo is a brewery in Okutama, which abounds with natural beauty despite being located in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Sawanoi, the brand name, was originally named after the location of the Sawai area, utilizing the exceptional water flowing through the canyons.
    Founded in 1702, Ozawa Shuzo has been loved by the locals as the brewery of Tokyo’s Okutama sake for more than 300 years.
    Visit this area to enjoy the exceptional sake and admire the spectacular views of mountains and the Mitake Valley in Okutama. One can also join a free tour around the brewery (conducted in English), be sure to make a reservation via the site you will find below.
  • TREND: Avatar Robot Cafe


    Avatar Robot Cafe

    Cafe DAWN run by OriHime Laboratory is a place where people who have difficulty going out due to intractable diseases or severe disabilities etc. operate the alter ego robot to serve customers.
    This cafe aims to achieve a new form of social participation through the use of technology. Is not it amazing? After entering the cafe you will be welcomed by a receptionist robot and then get the food you have ordered by chatting to the alter ego robot "OriHime".
    Though it is operated by a person who is situated miles away, the conversation is so enjoyable that you feel like you are talking in real life. All pilots are very friendly and eager to talk in English too!
  • TOKYO DIVERSITY: Small Kyoto in Tokyo


    Small Kyoto in Tokyo

    Towns or city areas that have the flavor of ancient Kyoto are called `Little Kyoto`. Kagurazaka area in Tokyo is one of such places.
    Situated near Iidabashi Station, it gained prominence as an entertainment district with numerous geisha houses and restaurants in the past. Some of such geisha houses have survived in the district's narrow alleys to our days, bringing the atmosphere of the scenery of original ancient Japan.
    Kagurazaka may be one of the most fascinating areas in Tokyo for a walk, as it has many tasteful shops and small restaurants tucked away along the side streets that lead off the main slope. An interesting detail - Kagurazaka also has a significant French presence due to two nearby French schools. Because of that, a large variety of French cafes and shops can be found throughout the district.
  • News & Topics

    News & Topics

    Information about Media Support
    Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (“TCVB”) offers useful support services for overseas media that are planning to feature print articles, TV/radio programs related to tourism in Tokyo.
    Please check more details below and come to Tokyo for making your fruitful article/TV program near future!


If you've had to postpone your next trip to Tokyo due to the coronavirus pandemic,
we have prepared for you several tools how you can enjoy this magical country from the distance.
Amazing Yakatabune | Old-style Floating restaurant FUNASEI
September sound|Hama-rikyu Gardens

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