Harmonious Transformations into Tokyo’s Spring

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This year, the pink-tinged Chidori-ga-fuchi will be livestreamed, so you can enjoy “online hanami” with the people of Tokyo no matter where you are.

Chidori-ga-fuchi was once part of the moat surrounding Edo Castle, and today, it’s one of Tokyo’s most famous areas to enjoy hanami (cherry blossom viewing). In spring, the cherry blossom trees planted along the 700-meter long greenway are magnificent.


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The Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra started its 2021 season in January under the leadership of its Chief Conductor Andrea Battistoni.

Founded in 1911, the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra celebrates its 110th anniversary this year. It is the oldest orchestra in Japan and carries with it a proud heritage. In light of the current situation where it’s difficult to enjoy concerts in person, the orchestra has started releasing recordings of past concerts on their official YouTube channel “Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra/東京フィルハーモニー交響楽団” so you may enjoy performances of the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra from anywhere.

Contact: Public Relations, Ito press@tpo.or.jp

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The Marunouchi area, sandwiched between the outer gardens of the Imperial Palace and Tokyo Station, is one of Tokyo’s leading business districts. Even if you are unable to visit the area due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the district is launching “Virtual Marunouchi,” a program that allows you to spend time in Marunouchi as if you were really there.

The Virtual Marunouchi platform lets you participate in events from anywhere in the world. You can interact with events by commenting with your avatar, sending hearts and cheers using the platform’s emotion functions, and waving different colored penlights. You can access the Virtual Marunouchi world from the URL below.

https://cluster.mu/en/w/afe0fc99-737f-4336-94aa-a830285f05e4 (Japanese)
Press Release: https://www.mec.co.jp/j/news/archives/210120_virtualmarunouchi.pdf (Japanese)
Contact: Cluster, Takayanagi info@cluster.mu

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On January 28, Ueno, one of Tokyo's most popular area for visitors to Japan, launched the “Let's Play Shinobazu! Pond and Town” project. It features many programs, like the “Digital Kakejiku, the origin of projection mapping art” by world-renowned digital artists, in hopes of rejuvenating the area that has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.
https://www.shinobazu-asobo.com/ (Japanese)
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From March 23 to May 16, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo will hold an exhibition of mysterious works called “Ayashii: Decadent and Grotesque Images of Beauty in Modern Japanese Art.” The exhibition will introduce a different side of Japanese art, featuring decadent, bewitching, grotesque, and erotic paintings that reflect the feelings of the masses that were being influenced by the literature, technological advancements, and other forms of modernization that took place during the Meiji period.
https://ayashiie2021.jp/ (Japanese)
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Run in Tokyo on March 7 with “MUSIC AID RUN in TOKYO”! This “new normal” running event fuses real and digital experiences together through music.
https://runtrip.jp/music-aid-run (Japanese)
Contact: Runtrip, Inc. Teshima Akio info@runtrip.jp
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The Okura Tokyo, one of Japan’s most prestigious hotels with a rich history and tradition, has achieved the GBAC STAR Facility Accreditation, certifying that its facilities have meet international hygiene standards for the prevention of infectious diseases. While carrying on Japanese culture and historical heritage, The Okura Tokyo is constantly evolving to meet today’s needs.
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The groundbreaking ceremony of APA Hotel & Resorts〈Roppongi Eki Higashi〉, a new urban resort in the Minato City, was held. It’s scheduled to open November, 2022 and aims to become a new landmark for the city.
https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000382.000018265.html (Japanese)
Contact: APA Group Secretariat hishoka3@apa.co.jp
Machida City, located 30 min by train from central Tokyo, has a wide variety of entertainment to enjoy, such as a rich natural environment, history, art, sports, gourmet food, and unique subcultures. The city’s multilingual homepage introduces a variety of sightseeing destinations in several languages.
Contact: info@machida-guide.or.jp
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Hachijojima is a subtropical island located 287 km south of Tokyo. It is the paradise of 350,000 colorful Freesia flowers that bloom every late March to early April. A Freesia festival is also held annually.
https://www.freesiafesta.com/ (Japanese)
Contact: Hachijo-jima tourism organization info@hachijo.gr.jp
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The Tokyo Metropolitan Government provides images that can be used as virtual backgrounds for online meetings and background images. We invite you to make use of captivating Tokyo scenery where tradition and innovation coexist.
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*【Updated】Useful information on COVID-19 in Tokyo

◆Updates on COVID-19 in Tokyo

◆Prevention Measures and Updates on COVID-19 by TCVB    

◆Coronavirus (COVID-19) advisory information by JNTO (Updated)

◆Information related to New Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19) from Immigration Services Agency by Ministry of Justice (Updated)

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  TOKYO NOW Original Video
Urban Development Paves a Bright Future for Tokyo

The spread of COVID-19 has affected the lives of people across the globe. Tokyo is no exception. What was once a city bustling with overseas visitors has changed dramatically, but not all of the changes have been negative. Many projects are underway that are sure to surprise the next wave of visitors from abroad with diverse and unique experiences.

Shibuya, a place well-known outside of Japan, has always been a city that pushes the boundaries of what a city can be, and it continues to do so. On the other hand, the Bay Area, dating back to the Edo period, with historical locations like Zojoji Temple and Hama-rikyu Gardens, has nurtured diverse cultures throughout its history. The Bay Area has coexisted with the sea, and now it’s remolding itself to do so in new and exciting ways. As it continues to reinvent itself using the waterfront area, it is easy to see why this is the ideal city in the capital of Japan, a country that is no stranger to making the most of its surrounding waters.

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A day in quaint Tokyo

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TOKYO: EVOLVING CITY - Ariake and Toranomon

Asakusa in Silence: May 25, 2020, the first day Japan got out of the Covid-19 emergency status.


Until now “Metro Concerts” have been held at the Subway Museum Hall and Shibuya Station. This year’s concert, “‘home theater’ ~Harmonies of a Saxophone Quintet~,” is available online.


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*Depending on the situation, festivals and events scheduled in 2021 may be canceled. Please check the official website for the latest information.

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From Editor

April is the "month of beginnings" in Japan as schools, companies, and more get a fresh start. In the past, Tokyo's cherry blossom season was also in early April, so the light pink petals became a symbol of blossoming opportunities. Though these iconic flowering trees now often bloom in March in the city center, April is still the time for cherry blossoms in places such as Okutama in western Tokyo. There are various types of cherry blossoms, including the gorgeous, double-flowered Yaezakura cherry blossoms. In fact, Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, a popular tourist destination, is actually famous for the late-blooming Yaezakura.

Kyoko Higashi / TOKYO NOW Editorial Staff  


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