Tokyo Adapts, Persevering with Entertainment and Relaxation

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Light Display Shines Bright Support for Health Care Workers

Places around Tokyo are using light displays to show support for health care workers committed to treating patients infected with COVID-19. From 19:00, a blue light displays from places like the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Tokyo Tower, TOKYO SKYTREE®, and TOKYO INTERNATIONAL FORUM.
*The light displays of each facility is presented voluntarily by each facility in support for health care workers.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Tokyo Tower


GHIBLI MUSEUM, MITAKA Starts YouTube channel

In response to the museum’s closure due to COVID-19, it has started delivering a special free online video journal that shows areas inside the museum. the first issue is “WELCOME” TO GHIBLI MUSEUM, MITAKA. It will be updated once a week.

“BEYOND TOKYO” VR travel program lets people abroad go on a virtual vacation in Japan
Enjoy 3D models of artwork from Japanese artists any time with the virtual “IJC Museum”
Discover the charms of stations and nearby urban areas along the Yamanote Line through music with the “Urban Rhythm Guide” project from “TOKYO MOVING ROUND” (Japanese)
Global environmental festival “Earth Day” celebrates 50th anniversary with first-ever online event, “Earth Day Tokyo 2020”! (Japanese)
Contact: Kouno Ryuji

Get Inquisitive

Tokyo remains an example of striking contrast on the world stage with an evolving culture that reflects both Japan’s reverence for tradition and forward-looking ambitions. In this section, each issue dives deep into themes around Food, Craft, Nature, Sports, Architecture, Nightlife, Shopping, and more.

Enjoy The Pleasures of Relaxation From The Comforts of Your Home
Now and in the past, the public baths are the best way to relax for Tokyoites.

Even a global pandemic wasn’t enough to change people’s habits. Instead, it only moved them online. The sento (Japanese bathhouse) is an integral element of city life for Tokyoites because it’s not just a place for bathing, it’s also a place for communication. The internet could never replicate the joys of visiting a sento. That is, until now.

Imagine a series of POV videos taking you through some of Tokyo’s traditional sento, going from outdoor to indoor baths, and even taking a dip in the water, making you feel as if you were really there. That’s the theme of the increasingly popular “relaxation videos” that are being posted online by more than 50 sentos. Among them is the “Kosugi Yu” sento in Suginami, Tokyo, first established in 1931. Follow their and other sento’s relaxation videos for a few precious moments of escape from the outside world.

Then, the videos also give Tokyoites something to look forward to for when things get back to normal. It doesn’t have to be a sento in the middle of the city. There are many onsen deeply surrounded by nature in the forest on Tokyo's western edge. There’s the “Keio Takaosan Onsen Gokurakuyu” hot spring at the foot of Mt. Takao or the “Okutama Onsen Moegi-no-Yu” hot spring that you can enjoy after a long day of hiking through nature in Tokyo’s lovely Okutama region. It might be a while before you can actually visit them, but for now, it doesn’t hurt to dream a little.

Another popular source of relaxation for Tokyoites is fitness clubs. Clubs offer a variety of services such as yoga and massages, with some places even having exercises using the latest VR technology. After your workout, they also have saunas and baths for that essential unwinding that Tokyoites treasure so dearly.

Kosugi Yu:
Keio Takaosan Onsen Gokurakuyu:
Okutama Onsen Moegi-no-Yu: (Japanese)


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[Tokyo Tokyo Concept Video] Old meets New – Unique

[Tokyo Tokyo Concept Video] Old meets New – Exciting

Relaxation in Tama and the Tokyo Islands


While temporarily closed, Hanzomon Museum will showcase scheduled special exhibition of Buddhist artwork on its YouTube “Hanzomon Museum Channel”

“JAPAN BONSAI” shares information on the rich culture of Japanese bonsai to the world


  Tokyo Event Calendar

Check out the latest event scheduled in Tokyo. You can see the list of all major festivals, fireworks, parades, religious events, and other events in Greater Tokyo.

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From Editor

The season is here when fresh vegetation flourishes throughout Tokyo. Outside windows, I can see beautiful young leaves peeking out from under the shade of buildings. In the suburbs, streams flowing down the mountains of Okutama reflect budding plant life. I won't be able to enjoy these things this time, but next year, I'll walk and cycle through this gorgeous greenery to my heart's content!

Kyoko Higashi / TOKYO NOW Editorial Staff  


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