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Updated: March 15, 2024

Experience the wonders of Tokyo by cycling

Experience the wonders of Tokyo by cycling.
Tokyo abounds with historical, cultural and natural charm. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is taking steps to recreate its richly varied scenery in a virtual sports space in order to make it known to many people.

Introduced here are three new virtual courses that take you around Izu Oshima, an island formed by an active volcano and the ocean; through the lush green Tama area; and into the heart of Tokyo, home to numerous centers of culture.

Click the links below to see older virtual courses.

Izu Oshima: A Dynamic Landscape Created by Active Volcano Mt. Mihara and the Ocean

Izu Oshima Island is only two hours from Takeshiba, Tokyo, by high-speed jet ferry. This nearly 50 km course circles the entire island, which captivates visitors with its beautiful coastline and diverse terrain formed by volcanic activity. Enjoy the lush nature and dynamic landscape as you take on the Izu Oshima Gojinka Ride cycling road race plus a hill climb up Mt. Mihara.

Mt. Mihara

Located in the center of the island, Mt. Mihara is one of the world’s largest active volcanoes and its eruptions have shaped the island’s terrain. The landscape, which is covered in tropical vegetation, is similar to that of Hawaii and attracts many mountain climbers and nature lovers.

Stratum Section

Strata built up through constant volcanic activity are visible along this nearly 630 m wall that is one of Izu Oshima’s major sights. Its appearance has led people to fondly refer to it as “Baumkuchen” or German tree cake.

Tama Area: Abundant Nature That Captivates Serious Cyclists

Urban accessibility coexists with lush natural surroundings in the Tama area, located in the western half of Tokyo, which makes it a popular location for many cyclists. This course reproduces the actual one that served as the stage for a cycling road race held in 2023 that consisted mainly of the route used for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 that went through the metropolis. Enjoy the beautiful scenery as you ride through a full-scale course spanning over 70 km.

Tama River

The Tama River is a 138-km-long Class A river that runs between Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture. It provides a spacious place in the crowded metropolis where one can relax and feel the gentle caress of the wind. The trails that run beside the river are favorites of many runners and cyclists.

Fuchu no Mori Park

Many Tokyo residents gather here throughout the year to enjoy the beauty of the four seasons, including spring cherry blossoms and autumn maple trees. In addition to gardens that change with the seasons, the park also hosts a theater and art museum, allowing visitors to experience nature and culture in one place.

Shibuya-Harajuku-Shinjuku: Cycle Through Centers of Culture in the Heart of Tokyo

Cycle through the areas that symbolize Tokyo, a city of constant change. Your starting point is the Scramble Crossing, located in Shibuya, which is in the midst of “once-in-a-century” scale redevelopment. You will make your way to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, passing through the lush greenery of Yoyogi Park and Meiji Jingu Gaien (Outer garden), while getting glimpses of the many skyscrapers of the Shinjuku subcenter area. Mt. Fuji can be seen from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building’s observation decks located 202 m above the ground.

Shibuya Scramble Crossing

One of Tokyo’s top sights that needs no introduction. A thousand people crossing all at once is an incredible spectacle that many foreign tourists can be seen capturing with their cameras and phones.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Designed by world-famous architect Kenzo Tange, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building houses the administrative offices of the metropolitan government and consists of three structures: Main Building No. 1, Main Building No. 2, and the Metropolitan Assembly Building. The 45th floor of Main Building No. 1 is an observation deck that allows a panoramic view of Tokyo and attracts many tourists.

A series of videos is available introducing popular spots in each of the three areas introduced. Click on the links below to view them.

Ride Through These Three Areas Through Virtual Sports

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has reproduced the three courses introduced here in the Kinomap virtual sports app. With a compatible smart roller, you can easily enjoy riding the courses whenever and wherever you want.

Links to each course on Kinomap: