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Updated: September 12, 2019

Take advantage of the temperate weather with a visit to one of Tokyo’s spectacular fall art events

With temperate weather and gorgeous autumn views, the autumn months are jam-packed with exciting arts and cultural events. In addition to many one-off festivals and exhibitions held at popular destinations like Odaiba and Roppongi Hills, several annual events have become a staple of the fall arts scene.


  • Some events require advanced tickets, so be sure to confirm your plans before visiting
  • Event dates and venues are subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, check the official sites


Festival/Tokyo (F/T), one of the largest international performing arts events in Japan, presents the multifaceted appeal of theatre and dance, and offers opportunities for stimulating encounters between diverse values that transcend nationality, generation, and artistic style, with the aim of opening up new possibilities.

Tokyo International Film Festival

The posh central Tokyo neighborhood of Roppongi becomes even more glamorous during the last week of October, with the Tokyo International Film Festival attracting filmmakers, actors, and industry figures from across the globe.

Bunkyo Chrysanthemum Festival

Held the first three weeks of November, head to Yushima Tenmangu Shrine to see over 2,000 varieties of beautiful chrysanthemums on display. Among the various attractions, arguably the most exciting is a “chrysanthemum dome,” which uses thousands of plants to create a free-standing structure.

Other events and festivals

For additional activities, head to the entertainment island of Odaiba, a popular site for art and cultural events. For cultural festivals and food events, check the schedule at Yoyogi Park, which presents a particularly famous Spanish festival at the end of November.

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