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Updated: October 6, 2023

Akabane Ichibangai Shopping Street 赤羽一番街商店街

1-23-6 Akabane, Kita City, Tokyo

Afternoon drinking and down-to-earth charms

Located on the north side of Tokyo, Akabane retains much of its old school charm, with narrow streets and covered shopping arcades catering to elderly folk looking to enjoy cheap drinks and a bite to eat. Among the many shopping areas in the neighborhood is Akabane Ichibangai Shopping Street. This narrow alley is occupied by several dozen pubs and izakayas, many of which are open at noon. It’s not uncommon to see elderly men enjoying a mid-afternoon cup of sake at their local izakaya. Join them and experience a slice of Japan that harks back to a time when the country was much more blue-collar and down-to-earth.


  • Head to the famed Maruken Suisan, an oden shop where you can try sake a cup of sake together with the rich and savory broth
  • Spend a relaxing afternoon drinking with the locals

During pleasant weather, enjoy a few beverages and a light meal on Akabane Ichibangai Shopping Street, and then take a stroll north to the Arakawa River, which boasts expansive lawns and rows of cherry trees that stretch alongside the banks.

How to Get There

  • Akabane StationJR LineEast Exit1 min on foot


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