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Updated: December 14, 2023

Oyama Observation Park 尾山展望公園

Aogashima Village, Tokyo

Observation park with the best views over Aogashima

Get a 360-degree view of Aogashima Island from one of its highest points, the 400-meter Oyama Observation Park. Look across to the Mt. Maruyama (223 meters) at the center of the caldera, which makes up most of this volcanic island.

The entrance to Oyama Observation Park footpath is a 45-minute walk from Aogashima Island helipad. Winds can be strong, and there is tall grass along the 1-kilometer hiking trail, so be prepared and dress appropriately. On clear nights the view of the starry night sky from Oyama Observation Park is breathtaking, but remember to bring a flashlight if climbing at night.


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