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Updated: April 2, 2018

Toshima Village Museum 利島村郷土資料館

248 Toshima-mura Tokyo

Japan's prehistoric past comes alive at the Toshima Village Museum

Find out how Japan's earliest inhabitants lived at the Toshima Village Museum, where vestiges of ancient history can be seen through the artifacts.

Toshima Island's first occupants arrived during the Jomon Period (B.C. 14,000 to B.C. fourth century), and at the museum, you can see shards of earthenware as well as 70 copper mirrors that locals used to pray for safe voyages and big catches of fish. Of these, 28 have been designated as Tokyo cultural properties.

You can also learn how oil is extracted from the camellia flower, in one of Toshima's key industries today. The 4.12 square kilometer island has 200,000 camellia trees that bloom in late winter.




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