Namjatown ナンジャタウン

How to Get There

  • Haneda Airport (Keikyu Airport Line) -> Shinagawa (JR Yamanote Line) -> Ikebukuro

Amusements, gyoza, ice cream, and big cats in Ikebukuro

Prepare to be surprised, delighted, and a little bewildered when you visit one of Tokyo’s quirkier indoor theme parks, Namjatown. Located in Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City, the three-story complex is home to an eclectic collection of attractions including arcade-style games and escape rooms, as well as a gyoza-themed village and a street dedicated to desserts.

Namjatown’s two food-centric attractions are its main draws. Wander through the old-Japan styled Gyoza Stadium to sample some of the 100 different types of gyoza available. Make sure you’re not too full, as you can’t miss the chance to taste some of the 50 ice cream flavors on offer at Fukubukro Dessert Yokocho.


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