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Yamato Sample Third Atrie
Yamato Sample Third Atrie


Yamato Sample Third Atrie 大和サンプル製作所 第3工房

How to Get There

  • Kita-ikebukuro Sta. | 5 mins on foot
  • Tobu Tojo Line
  • Itabashi Sta. | East Exit | 8 mins on foot
  • JR Saikyo Line

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Make your very own real-looking fake food

If you ever walk past a restaurant with very delicious-looking food sample and wonder how they are made, know that you can make your own too at Yamato Sample Third Atrie's food sample workshop. During the class, learn how to create fake food following professional teachers' instructions. You can choose from fruit tarts, ramen bowls, parfaits, or shrimp tempura, to name a few. Products can be made into keychains or candles.

This food sample workshop is open to beginners and friendly to participants of all ages. Artistic skills are not required. In fact, you may be surprised by what you are capable of making. Reservations at least one month in advance are recommended.


Opening Hours

  • 9:00–17:00
  • Workshops are available between 10:00 and 16:00

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Cash only

Fees may vary by workshop

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Facility Info

  • Restrooms
  • Japanese | English
  • Japanese | English
  • Handrails

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