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Updated: April 2, 2018

Hachijo Botanical Garden 八丈植物公園

2483 Okago, Hachijo-machi, Hachijo-jima, Tokyo

Hachijo Botanical Garden offers rare tropical plants and mushrooms

Hachijo Botanical Garden is a place to see unique flora from outside of Japan. Located on Hachijojima Island, it takes advantage of the warm climate to present plants that can't be grown elsewhere in the country.

Its 22 hectares features over 100 types of tropical plants. The visitor center is a great place to learn about the many plants and flowers at the park and has a permanent display of rare mushrooms. There is also athletic playground equipment and a small area with muntjac.



Opening Hours

  • Open 24 hours
    Opening hours may vary by business/facility



Facility Info

  • Restrooms | Dining facilities | Smoking area | Parking |
  • Disabled parking | Wheelchair ramp | Accessible restrooms | Baby changing facilities | Wheelchair loan |

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