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Updated: April 2, 2018

The White Cliffs 白ママ層の海蝕崖

AzaHabushiura Niijima-mura, Tokyo

The rare volcanic White Cliffs of Niijima

The White Cliffs are a stretch of cliffs at one end of Habushiura Shore in Niijima. Thirty meters long and as high as 300 meters, they're formed by a rare type of volcanic rock called rhyolite lava that's only mined here and in Lipari, Italy. The pure white cliffs present an otherworldly and stunning sight.

This rare white rock is also the reason for Niijima's white sand beaches and the material used for its unusual statues is modeled after the mysterious Moai of Easter Island. Habushiura Shore is one of Japan's top surfing beaches and is known for its clear, azure waters.

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