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Updated: October 6, 2023

Akasaki Promenade 赤崎遊歩道

Akasaki, Kozushima Village, Tokyo

A promenade and play area suspended above volcanic cliffs and crystal-clear water

Arguably Kozushima Island’s most impressive attraction, the Akasaki Promenade is a network of wooden walking paths stretching along the island’s rocky cliffs just meters above the sea. Rope bridges jut out over the ocean, and platforms allow eager swimmers to jump into the vivid green-blue waters below. The water here is home to abundant marine life, making it an ideal place for casual snorkeling. After enjoying a swim, consider a trip to the island’s other key attraction, Mt. Tenjyo, which offers 360-degree views across the ocean.

Kozushima Island is one of the Izu Islands, approximately 180 kilometers off Tokyo’s coast. These volcanic islands serve as a popular weekend getaway for city residents looking for a convenient tropical escape.


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