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Asakusa Engei Hall
Asakusa Engei Hall

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Asakusa Engei Hall 浅草演芸ホール

How to Get There

  • Asakusa Sta. | Exit A1 | 3 mins on foot
  • Tsukuba Express

A casual setting to learn about and enjoy the ancient art of storytelling in Japan

Fitting in with Asakusa's old school charm, Asakusa Engei Hall focuses on traditional rakugo performance, the classic Japanese art of storytelling. In rakugo, a lone performer sits on stage and recites a comedic story. The humor is found in the stylistic intonation and wordplay. Take the story Jugemu, for example, which relies on one character's absurdly long name for its comedic punch.

While the stories themselves may not resonate if you're not a proficient speaker of Japanese, the theater also books magic shows, acrobatic performances, and music concerts, along with more modern Japanese stand-up known as manzai.


Opening Hours

  • 11:30-21:00
  • Operates irregular/seasonal opening hours

Facility Info

  • Restrooms | smoking area

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