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Asakusa-jinja Shrine
Asakusa-jinja Shrine


Asakusa-jinja Shrine 浅草神社

How to Get There

  • Asakusa Sta. | 7 mins on foot
  • Ginza Line | Asakusa Line | Tobu Line | Isesaki Line

Built for temple builders, who later became gods

Asakusa Shrine was built in order to honor three men that became divine. These three men include a wealthy landlord named Hajino Nakatomo, and two fishermen brothers Hinokuma Hamanari and Takenari. They were revered and respected for their effort in building Sensoji, Tokyo’s oldest temple.

Asakusa Shrine and its surroundings are where many Shinto festivals take part. As this shrine miraculously survived the Tokyo air raids in World War II, it was designated an Important Cultural Property by the Japanese government in 1951. Make sure to stop by this shrine as you make your way to its famous brother Sensoji Temple.


Opening Hours

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