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Akirudai Park
Akirudai Park


Akirudai Park 秋留台公園

How to Get There

  • Higashi-akiru Sta. | 15 mins on foot
  • JR Itsukaichi Line
  • Akigawa Sta. | 15 mins on foot
  • JR Itsukaichi Line

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Accessible park ideal for a lazy afternoon

Akirudai Park is a large suburban expanse in Akiruno, western Tokyo. Bring a frisbee for some fun on the large lawn, or picnic supplies for the barbecue area. The park's cherry tree-lined track hosts various sporting events and is especially popular in spring when the trees burst into bloom. Visit in early summer to see the rose garden at its best. The park's annual Rose Festa in May has live music, too. Akirudai Park has a kids' play area and is extremely popular with dog owners.


Facility Info

  • Parking | restrooms
  • accessible restrooms

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