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The guesthouse is located a three-minute walk from Asakusa’s Sensoji Temple, in a neighborhood full of restaurants.

A guesthouse where you can enjoy an atmosphere of friendship

Taito Ryokan, built in 1950, used to be a Japanese family home. Now, it’s a guesthouse run by an easygoing owner with experience backpacking. About 90% of Taito Ryokan’s guests are from foreign countries, but the guesthouse also welcomes Japanese travelers. The lounge room on the building’s first floor provides a space for travelers to chat and learn about other cultures.

Guests rooms where you can feel Japanese tradition

A six tatami mat room that can accommodate up to three guests

Taito Ryokan has seven guest rooms, all on the building’s second floor. Room sizes range from 4.5 tatami mats (about 7.5 square meters) to eight mats (about 13 square meters). The guesthouse interior has a warm, traditional Japanese feel that evokes Japan’s Showa era (1926-1989), evident in details like the sound of your feet on the wooden floors, the charming glass windows, and retro tiled sinks. There is one toilet and two shower rooms on the first floor. If guests would like to take a bath, the guesthouse recommends visiting a local public bath just a short walk away.

Many repeat guests from overseas

Taito Ryokan welcomes many long-term repeat guests, including travelers who visit every year and overseas couples who previously stayed there before having children, who later return with their children. The hotel can’t accept group bookings, but can accommodate families in a spacious eight tatami mat room.

An eight mat room, where families can relax together

Free coffee in the lounge room

The hotel prepares a heated kotatsu coffee table in winter months

There is a television as well as free coffee, tea, and other drinks in the hotel’s communal lounge space. There is also a microwave and hot water that guests can use freely. The walls are covered with drawings and letters left by previous guests describing their travel experiences, and you can often see travelers perusing these letters and drawings while taking a short rest. The lounge space also has Japan guidebooks and other helpful items left to the guesthouse by previous travelers.


There is a small garden off the staircase

Special Features

Many travelers take souvenir photos by Taito Ryokan’s staircase. The wooden handrail, crafted from a single tree trunk, makes an impression. Why not capture in a photo this piece of traditional Japanese family home architecture?

Money and payments: The guesthouse accepts payments in cash only. Credit cards cannot be used. There are ATMs that accept international cards, as well as currency exchange services nearby.

Internet: The guesthouse offers free Wi-Fi and LAN internet.

Security: Guests can leave valuables at the front desk for safekeeping.

Breakfast: The guesthouse does not offer any meals, but there are restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores nearby.

Language Support: Guesthouse staff speak English.

Laundry: The guesthouse has coin laundry machines, which cost 200yen per use.

Non-smoking: The guesthouse lobby and all guest rooms are non-smoking.

Hotel information

Taito Ryokan

Address:2-1-4 Nishi-Asakusa, Taito-ku Postal code:111-0035

The guesthouse is a three-minute walk from Tawaramachi station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza line or Asakusa station on the Tsukuba Express train line. It is and an eight-minute walk from Asakusa station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza line, Toei Subway Asakusa line, and Tobu Railways Isesaki line.

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