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Guests can feel the care and consideration of Japanese culture at this lodge

A Japanese lodge with a unique experience

This Japanese lodge, “Ryokan,” brimming with omotenashi, is run by an owner who hopes to provide visitors with a glimpse of the beauty and excellence of old Japan, down to the last detail.

Every aspect of the Ryokan shows the owner’s taste

The Ryokan’s unique jacuzzi is surrounded by Aritayaki style tiling

The first thing that will strike guests as the enter Anodon Ryokan is the raised Japanese style lounge. Decorated with antiques the owner has gathered from all over Japan, this nostalgic space is for guests to relax and regroup. Located all throughout the building, these antiques welcome patrons as they return from a day’s sightseeing and exploring. The trip of the stairs is especially lovely, and some guests are amazed that they are staying at what could be called a museum.
Even when it comes to breakfast, the plates and utensils used are from 30 to 150 years old. For those looking to pick up some antique souvenirs or for those who aren’t quite sure what to take back with them, be sure to ask the mistress for her keen take on arranging antiques to suit a modern sensibility.

Relax on comfortable tatami mats in your room

Everything used at Andon Ryokan, from the mats to the futon to the pillows, is an original hand picked by the owner. Guests will enjoy a stylish and simple room with beautiful tatami mats to relax on.
Furthermore, rooms have space for storing luggage despite their small size, leaving plenty of room to stretch out. Rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi, broadband Internet cables, televisions, DVD players, and AC units. Bath towels and Japanese yukata robes can also be rented free of charge.

Simple and stylish accommodations

Events and gatherings special to Andon Ryokan

Patrons can gaze out at the Tokyo Skytree from the rooftop terrace

Andon Ryokan sponsors daily events that hope to not only be fun and enjoyable for guests, but also allow them to experience the beauty of traditional Japanese culture. As long as one makes an appointment by the day before, guests of the lodge can experience Japanese tea ceremony, ikebana, sake tasting, and even try on kimono at a reasonable price. Also, with Japanese and English lessons as well as Andon’s “Matcha Meetings,” Japanese and foreign visitors can get to know each other.
There are a variety of unique plans for guests including kimono-clad breakfasts with photos as well as bath house plans for those looking to soak and refresh. This lodge isn’t just for sleeping and resting in between sightseeing. Andon Ryokan hopes to be another memorable experience in your travels throughout Japan.

A word from the owner:

“We here at Andon Ryokan hope to provide a fun and interesting, once in a lifetime experience for our customers. We have a wide range of activities and events planned to bring guests closer to traditional Japanese culture, so please come and stay a night with us.”

The owner Ishii is the face of Andon Ryokan

Hotel information

Andon Ryokan

Address:2-34-10, Nihonzutsumi, Taito-ku, Tokyo Taito-ku Postal code:111-0021

Access:56min. From Narita Airport, the nearest station Minowa station on Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line

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