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The green ravine adjacent to Ochanomizu Station is actually a man-made valley.

On this course, passengers can learn about how Tokyo developed and see usually hidden parts of the city. On the cruise, passengers are able to view Edo remnants such as an urban ravine and the stonewall of Edo Castle under a Shuto Expressway girder bridge, as well as sense the power of the Meiji and Taisho eras from their railways and bridges. The distinctive features of the four waterways of the Edo period?Nihombashigawa River, Kandagawa River, Sumidagawa River, and Kamejimagawa River?can be enjoyed. Also, many trains can be seen.

Views from this course

Remaining stones of Edo Castle’s Tokiwabashi Gate at Nihombashigawa River

Interesting views of trains passing overhead

Course / service type

Irregular services

Departure landing


Arrival landing


Time required

1 hour–3 hours




4,000~5,000 yen

Other services

Daytime cruise

Charter optional

Contact information

Operator:Riverboat Mizuha

Telephone number:070-6476-9827

Hours:10 am to 6 pm (Reservation/Inquiry)

Regular holidays:No fixed holidays