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Hokusai, which has 120 seats and is one of Japan’s largest yakatabune houseboats, with the nightscape of Odaiba

“Fukagawa-fujimi” yakatabune houseboats, which have been in operation since the late Edo period, have an observation deck and provide unbroken views of the scenery at Odaiba, an area with both a historical and futuristic feel. On these comfortable boats, passengers can choose a traditional Japanese-style tatami mat seat, chair, or hori-kotatsu heated table. Passengers can get their fill of tempura freshly prepared on the spot, Edomae hand-rolled sushi, and so on, together with all-you-can-drink sake and other beverages.

Views from this course

The boat interiors are fully equipped with karaoke, air conditioning, and restrooms, so are comfortable year round.

Rides include Japanese course meals featuring tempura and so on, as well as all-you-can-drink sake and other beverages

Course / service type

Yakatabune services

Departure landing


Arrival landing


Time required

1 hour–3 hours




10,000~11,000 yen

Other services

Daytime cruise|Night cruise

Meal included|Charter optional|Shared ride possible

Contact information

Operator:Fukagawa Fujimi

Telephone number:03-3641-0507

Fax number:03-3630-2230

Hours:8 am to 7 pm

Regular holidays:New Year holidays