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View of the Asakusa area

The cruise departs from Asakusa (Sumida Kuyakusho-mae / Sensoji Nitemmon-mae) and travels down the Sumidagawa River and under Rainbow Bridge to Odaiba. The upper deck offers a 360-degree panorama of TOKYO SKYTREE® and the numerous bridges across the Sumidagawa River.

Views from this course

Cruising down the Sumidagawa River

Rainbow Bridge

Course / service type

Regular services

Departure landing


Arrival landing


Time required

1 hour and under|1 hour–3 hours




Less than 3,000 yen

Other services

Daytime cruise

Contact information

Operator:Tokyo Mizube Cruising Line

Telephone number:03-5608-8869

Fax number:03-5608-8735


Hours:9 am to 5 pm

Regular holidays:Mondays (if Monday falls on a holiday, the following Tuesday)