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Each cruise ship operator promotes measures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
For details, please visit the operator’s website below or contact the operator directly.


View of the Asakusa area

The cruise departs from Ryogoku River Center and travels through Asakusa (Sumida Kuyakusho-mae / Sensoji Nitemmon-mae) down the Sumidagawa River. It then passes under Tokyo Bay's Rainbow Bridge to Odaiba. The upper deck offers a 360-degree panorama of TOKYO SKYTREE® and the numerous bridges across the Sumidagawa River.

Views from this course

Cruising down the Sumidagawa River

Rainbow Bridge

Course / service type

Regular services

Departure landing


Arrival landing


Time required

1 hour and under|1 hour–3 hours




Less than 3,000 yen

Other services

Daytime cruise

Contact information

Operator:Tokyo Mizube Cruising Line

Telephone number:03-5608-8869

Fax number:03-5608-8735


Hours:9 am to 5 pm

Regular holidays:Mondays (if Monday falls on a holiday, the following Tuesday)