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Vol.145 April 2023

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Spring is in full swing during April in Tokyo so the weather can be slightly unpredictable. Anything is possible from 10 degrees celsius jacket weather to 25 degrees pre-summer, but generally it is a very comfortable time of the year to enjoy time outside during the daytime. If you are lucky, you can still catch a glimpse at some late cherry blossoms.

  • PEOPLE - Garbage-collecting Samurai


    Garbage-collecting Samurai

    people people people people
    Most people are surprised about how clean Tokyo is compared to other big cities in the world. You can rarely find garbage on the street, even with a lack of garbage cans, as people are used to carrying their garbage home. However, even in a clean place like this, there can still be garbage to be picked up. It is a big city with many people after all. This is where the Gomihiroi Samurai come into the picture, a performance troupe based in Toshima Ward, consisting of the tree performers Goto Ikki, Keisuke and Kaz Kobayashi, that specializes in picking up trash in a unique samurai attire alongside the belonging sword moves.

    Their name already tells you what you are getting with “Gomi” meaning trash and “Hiroi” standing for someone who picks up things. Gomihiroi Samurai turn picking up trash into a full on performance. The garbage on the street becomes the ultimate enemy to be slain. They go on the hunt and once they spot the enemy it will be removed in the most dynamic way leaving the streets clean and the bystanders well entertained.
  • EXPERIENCE - Harry Potter Cafe in Akasaka


    Harry Potter Cafe in Akasaka

    experience experience experience experience experience
    In 2023, it is expected to be an exciting year for Harry Potter fans. In commemoration of the Asian version of "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" performed by a Japanese cast at the TBS Akasaka ACT Theater, a part of the area has become a Harry Potter-themed Plaza, and a Harry Potter shop and Cafe have been established. The "Wizarding World Gate" following the café has been fully renovated to match the theme and is decorated with 42 photos of famous wizards and witches.

    The Cafe itself, however, is the true gem of this time-limited fan haven. The food and drinks themed after Harry Potter not only have names but also express the world of Harry Potter through their appearance and design. The menu is full of fun items such as grilled cheese sandwiches designed with the colors and appearance of each of the four houses, cakes shaped like owls, and Wingardium Leviosa cocktails that appear to float. In the interior, which is unified with green wallpaper and red curtains, you can enjoy your meal feeling like a high-level wizard.
    smart_display https://hpcafe.jp
  • PAST - Asakusa Yabusame (Historical Horseback archery)


    Asakusa Yabusame (Historical Horseback archery)

    The history of Yabusame, or Japanese horseback archery, dates back to the Heian period (794-1185). During the Kamakura period (1185-1333), it was popularly held as a ritual and ceremony for samurai to hone their skills. During the Edo period, it became an annual event held at Asakusa Shrine on January 5th. Nowadays, it is held in mid-April at Sumida Park.

    The event showcases two traditional forms of archery: Kusajishi, which uses a target made to look like a deer using bundles of grass, and Yabusame, the main event that attracts a large audience. Due to the limited seating, it is recommended to purchase tickets in advance. They are usually available for purchase at the Taito Ward office from about a month before the event.
  • TREND - NAKED FLOWERS FOR YOU - Flower Projection Mapping


    NAKED FLOWERS FOR YOU - Flower Projection Mapping

    NAKED FLOWERS is the first permanent projection mapping exhibition by a creative company NAKED, INC. located in Yurakucho, Tokyo. If you have not heard of naked NAKED before, this is a company that has been involved in creating colorful digital art at COREDO Muromachi and Kyoto Nijo Castle.

    The exhibition is an experience for all five senses offering many different themes and rooms. There are diamond flowers, chocolate flowers, frozen flowers and wildflowers you can bring to live. Even the hand sanitiser is an interactive waterfall making flowers bloom in your hand. The name stems from the idea that the flowers in each room are born from you, as you touch and interact with the display. Y our journey begins with a digital personality test that will determine the flowers that will bloom from you throughout your journey through the exhibition. The heart of the exhibition is a life sized sakura tree that changes colors as it leads you through Japan's four seasons.



    The JAPAN HOBBY SHOW is organized by the Hobby Association of Japan. It goes by a theme every year and this year's theme is “ Handmade you don’t know yet ”. It will be the 47th JAPAN HOBBY SHOW.

    Every year the show displays different kinds of crafts, utensils and creators. The displays range from traditional crafts to new inventions and materials to ready-made.

    Many items can be purchased here as well, while others are just displayed for showcase or try out. This kind of event can be especially interesting for people visiting Japan as the Japanese taste in arts and crafts can greatly differ from other countries. For anyone with a creative mind, this can be very fun and inspirational.
    smart_display https://hobbyshow.jp/


To make it easier for you to find exciting places to visit during your stay, we have prepared a variety of movies to help you to enjoy this magical country to the fullest!
Kameido Tenjin Shrine Wisteria(Fuji) Festival
【Back of Asakusa】Tokyo Downtown Walkabout

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