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Vol.140 November 2022

【From Editor】

Welcome to the Tokyo Now Newsletter.

Our goal is to help you enjoy the high-tech urban atmosphere of Tokyo combined with ancient shrines, festivals and old-fashioned manners.

Prepare to discover Tokyo you have never seen before!


November is the perfect time to visit Japan if you want to avoid the humid summer weather.
The more comfortable temperatures invite you to a stroll outside while the vivid red, orange, and yellow maple trees lend their warm atmosphere to any place you go.

  • News & Topics 1

    News&Topics 1

    Experience the entertainment districts - Ginza and Hibiya. From Kabuki and Noh, to Art, Cinema, and Musicals
    Let’s get back to life with arts this autumn. Ginza and Hibiya are one exceptional area in Tokyo where a wide variety of art venues gather. From Oct 1, 62 art spots start a joint campaign to welcome guests from the world. Here’s some special programs.

    【Nihon-buyoh: its colorful expressions】
    Nihon-buyoh is a form of traditional dance that has been developed along with Kabuki since the Edo period. The program offers a new perspective to approach the art through talks and performances, with colorful expressions supported by various traditional music of Kouta, Nagauta, and Biwa.

    【Noh experience, Ginza style】
    Noh is a composite art form of dance and stylistic carriage, chanting, and instrumental music. Through talks and performances of a masterpiece “Takasago”, enjoy the depth of the representative traditional art of Japan.

    News & Topics 2

    News&Topics 2

    THE TOKYO PASS -Culture

    "THE TOKYO PASS -Culture" is a pass allowing unlimited rides on all subways and access to 39 museums, art galleries, gardens, zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, etc. in Tokyo. Tickets cost 8,000 yen for two days and can be purchased from the official website, so you do not have to worry about the payment process no longer.
    You can both use the transportation and enter the museum smoothly in a cashless and touchless manner by utilizing the pre-payment of the pass according to the number of days of use and the entry system that utilizes the dedicated application. Furthermore, through the content in the app, you can find helpful information about the facilities and cultural events in the city.
  • PEOPLE: Ramen KIPPOSHI Creator Takao Koizumi


    Ramen KIPPOSHI Creator Takao Koizumi

    people people people people people
    We will introduce you to Instagram-worthy blue ramen as Tokyo's unique and diverse food culture. Its creator is Takao Koizumi who has established ramen as an art form when he opened KIPPOSHI in 2016. His goal was to create a great tasting but also visually impactful ramen dish which is an art and flavor experience alike.
    Since then, he has created many colorful ramens such as green grape flavored ramen as well pink pickled ginger ramen which have joined the blue ramen on the regular menu and he regularly creates seasonal ramen such as chocolate ramen for Valentine’s and White Day and New Year's ramen with traditional Japanese new years toppings. All of his ramen are only made with natural ingredients and without food coloring.

    He is one of the few Japanese ramen masters that can pride himself on being known and admired internationally. In 2021 he traveled to Russia to present his blue ramen in an international ramen contest.
  • EXPERIENCE: Tokyo made washi goods by Yoshiho Shinoda


    Tokyo made washi goods by Yoshiho Shinoda

    experience experience experience experience experience experience
    Washi is the Japanese art of papermaking which is mainly distinguished by its unique texture. Japanese washi can not only be used in the same ways as normal paper but is sometimes even found in jewelry, bags, and clothes.
    TOKYO WASHI recycles old “omikuji” or “ fortune paper strips” from temples around Tokyo that no longer serve a purpose. This tradition goes back 350 years and the paper made in this recycling program was originally called “Asakusagami” or “Asakusa paper” after the place that headed the recycle program.

    At TOKYO WASHI you learn about and participate in the process of making washi as well as making your own Mizuhiki. Mizuhiki refers to the traditional Japanese cord which are mainly used for gift-wrapped. Besides the enjoyment of traditional Japanese crafts, the local store calico cat will welcome customers. She chose to be the supervisor of this store herself as she used to be a loved stray of the area.
  • PAST: Kunio Kobayashi’s Bonsai Museum


    Kunio Kobayashi’s Bonsai Museum

    Kunio Kobayashi, famous Japanese bonsai creator and a three times winner of the Prime Ministers Awards founded his Bonsai Museum in 2002. The museum was created with the wish for more people to know the breathtaking beauty of bonsai and their ability to fully express themselves even in a small pot.

    The museum features more than 1000 bonsai of all sizes and ages as well as a pond with large Japanese carbs swimming freely and adding to the Japanese atmosphere. The bonsai are on display outside, with changing seasonal displays held in a traditional Japanese room. The museum's most priced possession is a 1000-year-old pine tree visitors can admire upon entering the museum.
  • TREND: Tokyo Comic Con 2022


    Tokyo Comic Con 2022

    Starting out as the Golden State Comic Book Convention in 1970, it was first organized by Shel Dorf, it later turned into the Comic Con known worldwide today through Stan Lee, the creator of many legendary marvel characters, and Steve Wozniak, a cofounder of Apple Computer Inc., out of the wish to create something together.

    The Tokyo Comic Con was established first in 2016. Other than most anime conventions in Japan, the festival honors its American roots and mainly focuses on American comic superheroes as well as the latest technology with the best of American pop culture. This event is perfect for everyone who enjoys American-style comics, wants to know more about them, or simply enjoy the nostalgia of X-Man, Spider-Man and so, but it also has the added charm of a typical Japanese anime convention as it is held in Greater Tokyo Area, with Japanese visitors and cosplayers that have their very own style recreating their favorite characters.
    Even if you are used to the original comic con, it is definitely worth a trip to Tokyo to experience your favorite event with a Japanese twist.

    ※images Ⓒ2022 Tokyo comic con All rights reserved
  • TOKYO DIVERSITY: Multifaced Culture of Tokyo


    Multifaced Culture of Tokyo

    The Edo Taito Traditional Crafts Center is a place where visitors can learn about the charms of traditional crafts and artisans. It offers demonstrations and hands-on events in order to let the participants experience all sides and perspectives of the traditional craft exhibited.

    The motto is “Meet, Learn, Make, Use”. It allows you to talk with the creators, learn how a partial item is made, be part of the creation process and even purchase some of the crafts for your own use.

    The Center is located in Taito City, which boasts some of the best historical sites, culture, and traditional craftsmanship in Tokyo. This area has retained much of its charm from the famous Edo period (1603-1868)


Finally, on October 11th, 2022, the ban on entry from abroad, including FIT, has been fully lifted.
To make it easier for you to find exciting places to visit during your stay, we have prepared a variety of movies to help you to enjoy this magical country to the fullest!
Shibamata Katsushika
SHIBUYA SKY | Enjoy a 360°panoramic view of Tokyo

Information (update: 2022 October 21)

In order to offer travelers a safe and fun experience in Tokyo, do not forget to check the information on COVID-19 provided by the Japanese government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government here.


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Coming up on the "TOKYO NOW" newsletter next month:
The foreign traveler ban to Japan has been fully lifted as of October 11th, 2022. Finally, you can freely come to Tokyo again and enjoy this sparkling city to its fullest!
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