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Vol.139 October 2022

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Welcome to the Tokyo Now Newsletter.

Our goal is to help you enjoy the high-tech urban atmosphere of Tokyo
combined with ancient shrines, festivals and old-fashioned manners.

Prepare to discover Tokyo you have never seen before!

We have brilliant news for you! Japan will begin accepting foreign tourists in stages starting June 10. This is the first attempt to lift the travel restrictions imposed in March 2020 due to a surge in COVID-19 infections. Japan is slowly reopening to tourists, so we sincerely hope we can welcome you all very soon!


October is a great month to visit Japan. It is still warm enough to enjoy outside activities in light clothing, but not so hot that one has to take constant breaks to avoid heat strokes. It is the perfect time to explore nature to find the first changing leaves.

  • News & Topics


    TASTE of TOKYO 2022 is an event to discover the diverse charms of agriculture and cuisine through the experience of world-renowned restaurants and top chefs cooking with fresh, high-quality ingredients from Tokyo.
    For the first time in four years, the Toyosu area will be added, where visitors can enjoy events to learn about Tokyo's agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries. We prepare elaborate contents such as collaboration with Tokyo Agricultural Festival and Tokyo International Film Festival.
  • PEOPLE: Sushi ambassador Yoshinori Tezuka 


    Sushi ambassador Yoshinori Tezuka 

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    Sushi has a very long tradition in Japan. Originally, it was created during the Edo period as a way to keep fresh fish from spoiling too quickly while offered at food stalls. However, the fresh fish with the vinegar and sugar laced rice became very popular, and a national favorite was born.
    Yoshinori Tezuka, YOSHI for short,   is a fourth generation Sushi Chef and a Sushi Ambassador who started his apprenticeship while he was still in school. After successfully graduating from Keio university with a business degree, he decided to travel and work around the world.
    Upon return to Japan, YOSHI resumed his training at Matsunozushi, adding a blowfish cooking license as well as a wine sommelier license to his resume. With an extensive experience as a tour guide in Europe and North America, his passion lies in education the world in the art of sushi and how to fully enjoy it. 
  • EXPERIENCE: Make a small version of yourself


    Make a small version of yourself

    experience experience experience experience
    Instead of a simple photo, how about taking home a 3D model of yourself and your loved ones home as a memory from your trip to Japan?
    SMALL WORLDS is one of the world's largest indoor miniature theme parks. It offers a unique service where you step into a 3D scanner in order to create a 3D model of yourself frozen in time.
    The 3D models are available in two different sizes, scale 1:80 and 1:35. Furthermore, it is even possible to be joined by your friends, family, or even your pets for the experience and everlasting memories.
    smart_display https://bit.ly/3qAV47m
  • PAST: One of the oldest bath houses in Tokyo


    One of the oldest bath houses in Tokyo

    Tokyo might not necessarily a place you think of if you consider taking a nice relaxing bath in a hot spring, but there are hidden gems to be found even in this busy city. Takarayu Sento is such a relaxing oasis located in Adachi City in the middle of Tokyo.
    Takarayu has been around for nearly 100 years. Built in 1927, it even survived wartime mostly unscathed. While the bathhouses have been renovated, the facade and the main building are mostly kept in original condition, radiating old-fashioned Japanese charm. Complete with a wooden terrace and a beautiful Japanese garden, it offers a relaxing escape without having to travel outside the city.
  • TREND: Sailor Moon Museum


    Sailor Moon Museum

    Tokyo is a famous hub for anime culture. Especially Akihabara is an anime lover's haven with its maid cafes and unlimited anime goods. Sailor Moon, which is mainly set in Tokyo's Azabu-juban area and has a cult following worldwide, is a great example for Tokyo’s Manga and Anime culture. To celebrate the 30th birthday of the popular manga "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" by Naoko Takeuchi, which is the base material for the successful anime, a special exhibit opened its doors at the Roppongi Museum.
    The Sailor Moon Museum exhibition will be held in three installments, each with slightly different content and highlights, so fans can visit several times without feeling bored.
    The ongoing parts of the exhibition are the immersive theater, the holographic display of original drawings and the collective display. The Exhibition can be visited since July 1st, 2022 and will close its doors on December 30th, 2022.
  • TOKYO DIVERSITY: Mountains and natural Beauty around Tokyo’s only designated village


    Mountains and natural Beauty around Tokyo’s only designated village

    Taking time out from the hustle and bustle of the city does not require traveling far. Only two hours by car from Tokyo’s center lies Tokyo’s only designated village, Hinohara.
    The mountainous area obviously invites to hiking trips and enjoying the area can be done by a simple stroll through the forest or some serious mountain climbing up the area's “three mountains of Okutama”, also known as the Okutama Sanzan in Japanese. No matter which activity you choose, a soak at a local hot spring is a must afterwards, and the area has plenty to choose from thanks to its location.
    For visitors curious about Buddhism and tradition, the Musashi Mitake Shrine even offers the opportunity to experience Takigyo or waterfall training, where one meditates under a freezing waterfall. This traditional practice dates back more than 1200 years.
    smart_display https://bit.ly/3QzvfiB


If you've had to postpone your next trip to Tokyo due to the coronavirus pandemic,
we have prepared for you several tools how you can enjoy this magical country from the distance.
Japan’s only Male Geisha Matsunoya Eitaro
Okutama Autumn Colors

Information (update: 2022 September 22)

In order to offer travelers a safe and fun experience in Tokyo, do not forget to check the information on COVID-19 provided by the Japanese government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government here.


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