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Vol.137 August 2022

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Welcome to the Tokyo Now Newsletter.

Our goal is to help you enjoy the high-tech urban atmosphere of Tokyo
combined with ancient shrines, festivals and old-fashioned manners.

Prepare to discover Tokyo you have never seen before!

With the average high temperature increasing to 30°C, and the high humidity, August in Tokyo may be a little bit uncomfortable for those who aren't used to it. So be sure to drink lots of liquids and follow our guide to find new refreshing spots in Tokyo to explore this month!

  • PEOPLE: Indigo Dyeing Kosoen Studio by Murata Family


    Indigo Dyeing Kosoen Studio by Murata Family

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    While most modern fabrics are synthetically dyed nowadays, Murata Family has been in the textile business for over a century and still practices `aizome` - traditional indigo dyeing.
    To keep the traditions of their home, two of the Murata brothers opened Kosoen Studio in 1989 in Ome city - a dazzling part of Tokyo surrounded by rivers and mountains. The studio Kosoen is specialized in “lye fermentation” - a technique used for over 400 years since the Edo period(1603–1868).
    If you visit this beautiful studio you might as well run into the owners and learn about this old craft firsthand.
  • EXPERIENCE: Traditional Japanese art of storytelling in English


    Traditional Japanese art of storytelling in English

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    Rakugo is the traditional Japanese art of storytelling that started as a form of entertainment during the Edo Period (1603–1868).
    The Rakugo storyteller creates the humorous side of traditional Japan while sitting on a small cushion and using a Japanese fan and a hand towel to express his emotions. For non-japanese people, even those who have already overcome a language barrier, seeing Rakugo might be a bit challenging.
    That is why the English Rakugo Association`s mission is to inform, inspire, and entertain people around the globe through the power of Rakugo performed in English. Feel free to join their events in Tokyo or even try to perform English Rakugo yourself!
  • PAST: Nostalgic Tokyo town from classic film “Otoko wa Tsurai yo”


    Nostalgic Tokyo town from classic film “Otoko wa Tsurai yo”

    "Otoko wa tsurai yo"or "It's Tough Being a Man" is an immensely popular Japanese film series that ran from 1969 to 1995.
    These film series revolve around the wandering salesman Tora-san and the story of his unsuccessful love life. Even if you have not watched the film, the Tora-san Museum in Shibamata is an absolute must-visit for those who want to feel the nostalgic atmosphere of the 1960s-1970s Tokyo.
    Walking through the museum gives a sense of what the Shibamata area was like during the later Showa years: nostalgic city diorama, a life-sized local train set, etc.
    You can also enjoy some light snacks and drinks in the tatami-floored room that looks out into the classical Japanese garden.
  • TREND: Shake all your stress away at the Trampoland


    Shake all your stress away at the Trampoland

    In the ever-bustling city of Tokyo, one may think there’s no place to spend a day with your children.
    But actually, it is quite the opposite - you will find a wide variety of family-friendly experiences for you to enjoy with your kids in Tokyo. Here’s a place you might want to visit this summer. Trampoland - a unique trampoline center for kids and adults of any age, size, or physical ability! Let go of gravity and reach new heights while flipping and jumping on trampoline courts!
    Trampoland workers are super friendly and will be more than happy to show you some jumping techniques​.
    Do not forget to place your reservation online ahead of time to avoid disappointment, this is highly recommended, especially on Fridays and weekends.
  • TOKYO DIVERSITY: Tokyo's most unconventional green space


    Tokyo's most unconventional green space

    To escape the unbearable Tokyo summer heat, visit Todoroki Valley - a 1.2-kilometer green space of Tokyo’s original forests by the peaceful Yazawa River.
    Located in the Setagaya ward of Tokyo, just a 20-minute ride from Shibuya, this green paradise in the center of Tokyo will charm you with a serene and relaxing view.
    Even on a hot summer day, this place will cool you down as the surrounding trees create a natural breeze.
    Walk along the wooden path across red bridges, find some hidden shrines and waterfalls on the way, and do not forget to take a break at Setsugetsuka tea room - an old sweet shop in the park famous for kuzu mochi (a rice cake made with starch from the kudzu plant).


If you've had to postpone your next trip to Tokyo due to the coronavirus pandemic,
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In order to offer travelers a safe and fun experience in Tokyo, do not forget to check the information on COVID-19 provided by the Japanese government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government here.


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Coming up in the "TOKYO NOW" newsletter next month: take advantage of the cooler weather visiting Tokyo in September! Since September in Tokyo is sumo month, visitors have a rare chance to see a live sumo tournament! Stay tuned so we will tell you more about this topic in our next issue.

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