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Vol.127, October 2021

Turning Over a New Leaf within Tokyo's Autumn Streets

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Replaying the enthusiastic Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 in my mind, I’ve been walking around one of the venues from the games in the suburbs recently. The area around Musashinonomori Park, where the cycling races were held, has already transformed into autumn. A thriving home to thickets of autumn trees, this nature-filled area has long been called "Musashino." People from around the globe watched from home as the world’s athletes ran through the course surrounded by beautiful zelkova trees to Okunitama Shrine. Autumn in Musashino is calm and picturesque, so I would like you to come and see it someday.

Kyoko Higashi / TOKYO NOW Editorial staff

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  • Central Tokyo

TOKYO TORCH Terrace, which opened on July 21, is part of the massive TOKYO TORCH/ Tokyo Ekimae Tokiwabashi urban development project in front of Tokyo Station. It has since been completed, with a portion of the tower now open to the public. The commercial property features TOKYO TORCH Park on its front: a 7,000m² plaza with lush greenery. It also includes the TOKYO TORCH Market, which will be used to showcase the charms of different regions of Japan to the world. Thirteen restaurants, mainly famous local restaurants, will open in the facility built to overlook the plaza. The plaza will also have unique art attractions like “Koi Pond,” a pond with fifty colorful Nishikigoi carp! TOKYO TORCH Terrace will be the new must-visit spot when you're at Tokyo Station. Furthermore, its 390-meter-high Torch Tower is set for completion in 2027.

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  • Western Tokyo

Shibuya Station continues to change and evolve in incredible ways. The latest addition to Shibuya’s new look is the new Shibuya Hikarie Hikarie Deck, which opened on July 15. This pedestrian deck is part of an urban redevelopment project to help allow for even smoother movement between the east and west sides of Shibuya Station. A portion of the deck will include moving lights that create light and sound effects and will also be used as a space for events and food trucks. In the fall, a large mural will be displayed on the Shibuya Hikarie side. With this and many more attractions on the way, Shibuya never ceases to amaze visitors.

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Harajuku’s home-sharing facility MOSHI MOSHI ROOMS opened the latest addition to its building, the appropriately named “HARAJUKU” room. This playfully surreal room is saturated with colorful “kawaii” cuteness. With its other three rooms, including the fun public bath and into the world of sumo via its “DOSUKOI” room, the HARAJUKU room brings even more great ways for you to have a genuinely unique Japanese experience with your stay at MOSHI MOSHI ROOMS.

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Shinjuku Station, the world’s largest train station, is now home to a giant photo-realistic virtual cat. The cat is brought to life by Japan’s first 150m²-plus large 4K display, featuring the latest in 3D video imagery, sensors, and curved display technology. This attraction, found at the plaza in front of Shinjuku’s east exit, aims to rival Shibuya’s Scramble Crossing as Tokyo’s most jaw-dropping landmark.

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Fireworks are a well-beloved summer tradition by the people of Tokyo since the Edo period. Despite the cancelled fireworks displays brought by the corona pandemic, Tokyo's unwavering appreciation for this traditional event still continues and is housed through Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa — a facility that combines the latest digital art with an aquarium. With its NAKED Hanabi Aquarium, elaborate digital fireworks, beautiful Japanese patterns, and the aquarium’s sea creatures come together wonderfully to create a spectacular fireworks display and festive atmosphere inside the building. Tokyo, the city where tradition meets innovation, has taken on welcoming such challenges, bringing forth new forms of traditional events.

  • Art & Design

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Support Program for Arts and Culture helps to support the extremely diverse community of arts and culture, that is an essential source of Tokyo’s appeal. This year, the project has helped artists and creators push through their works despite the COVID-19 outbreak, and it consistently has bolstered a wide range of artistic and cultural activities; a dedicated website highlights the program’s impressive work and achievements. Around 20,000 professional artists, work crews, and staff have taken part in the "individual” category. Furthermore, the project has garnered support from approximately 400 on-call organizations which help organize stage performances at Tokyo theaters to maximize public awareness. These include music, plays, short films, dances, traditional arts, works that use remote and video technologies to create new forms of art, and works that meld different disciplines. Please enjoy the stunning collection of some 8,000 works are now available online.

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Witness the construction of Japan's tallest tower, the 390m tall TOKYO TORCH, and its 20,000m² outdoor space. The TOKYO TORCH will fully open in front of Tokyo Station in 2027.

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