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A performance of Japanese and Silkroad traditional music from seven temples

In May 2020, a performance of Japanese and Silkroad traditional music called “Gift Music: Bridge the Future with Prayers and Music” was livestreamed from seven temples in Tokyo. You can view the event on YouTube.
Contact: Jumpei Ohtsuka

The secrets by a long-established restaurant in Tokyo

Discover the secrets behind the great tasting cuisine at Tokyo’s high-profile restaurant NADAMAN with their online cooking videos.
Press Release (Japanese)

Asia's Largest Art Event, Dates for “Design Festa vol.52” are in!

Asia’s largest art event will be held at Tokyo Big Sight Nov 7-8, 2020. Design Festa is a celebration of the arts at which anyone, regardless of age, nationality, talents or language can exhibit.
* There are possibility of changes on circumstances. Please check the official website.
Contact: Suzuka Hosokawa

There’s always so much happening in Tokyo. While you might not be able to go out and explore now, why not sneak a peek at what’s waiting for you?

Take a look VR PARK TOKYO, Shibuya’s mind-blowing high-tech VR arcade.
This red brick building was built in Tokyo during the Meiji era. Now, it exhibits late 19th-century modern art. Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum, Tokyo: this red brick building has stood in Tokyo since the Meiji era. Now, it exhibits late 19th-century modern art.
This shrine is a secret spiritual hot spot and is known for its legendary enshrining of both white snake and dragon gods. Virtual tours are available online.
“White Snake God” Hebikubo Shrine (Japanese)
Slip back in time as you view rows of Edo era and mid-Showa era buildings from the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum from the sky by drone.
Bird's-eye View - Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum.
Contact: Koganei City Koganei City Tourism Machiokoshi Association
Popular indoor theme park Sanrio Puroland livestreams shows featuring Hello Kitty and her friends.
Press Release (Japanese)
Take a virtual tour of Japan’s leading science museum! Roam the floors of the National Museum of Nature and Science through ultra-high-quality 3D imaging and VR footage! (Japanese)

Get Inquisitive

Tokyo remains an example of striking contrast on the world stage with an evolving culture that reflects both Japan’s reverence for tradition and forward-looking ambitions. In this section, each issue dives deep into themes around Food, Craft, Nature, Sports, Architecture, Nightlife, Shopping, and more.

Get Closer to Nature: Western Tokyo and the Tokyo Islands

On the western edge of the Tokyo Metropolis lies Hinohara Village, the only mainland village that’s still part of Japan’s capital. It’s where you can experience the beauty of nature and forget the troubles of city life after just a 2-hour ride from the center of Tokyo.

You can spend days exploring the area around Hinohara, but to get the most out of your trip to this last bucolic bastion of traditional Japanese culture, you should sign up for a guided tour. Some offer one-of-a-kind experiences, like making your own bamboo bow and cooking outdoors. The hike along the mountain stream is also amazing. Of course, most tours will show you the very best that Hinohara has to offer, including the beautiful Hossawa Falls (Tokyo’s only entry on the list of Japan’s top 100 waterfalls), the Kazuma-no-yu hot spring, or the can't-miss spots to eat local food. Hinohara is a relaxing getaway that any Tokyoite will appreciate.

Along with Hinohara Village, you should also consider the Tama area for a natural oasis of green in the great sprawling metropolis that is modern Tokyo. Hike the picturesque trails along Tama Lake or play by the enchanting Tama River. If that’s not really your style, luxurious glamping options are also available.

Finally, for something a bit more exotic, there are the Tokyo islands. Although located hundreds of kilometers from its center, the “Seven Islands of Izu,” as well as the subtropical Ogasawara Islands, are all officially part of Japan’s capital. Besides being a registered UNESCO World Heritage site, the latter are also known as the “The Galápagos of the Orient” due to their native plants and animals found nowhere else. As you can see, Tokyo might be known for things like its technology, but it can also bring you closer to nature if you only give it a chance.

Tourist information site for the Tama area and island of Tokyo

Take a Trip Through Tokyo’s Islands of Enchantment

Take a Trip Through Tokyo’s Natural Wonder


  Pick up Movies

Hidden away in the western city of Akiruno, lies Tokyo’s great natural landscape. This video by locals showcases the stunning Valley and the lush green.

Enjoy yoga and fitness exercise videos from the main deck of Tokyo Tower while looking down on the city. Videos are available on YouTube.
*Tokyo Tower reopened its observation deck on May 28, 2020

The Capitol Hotel Tokyu releases their original video “#Stay home with The Capitol team,” showing architect Kengo Kuma’s designs.


With Haneda Airport only a short ride away, the resort island of Odaiba is a fantastic way to enjoy swimming in the big city!
*The swimming area will not be opened for the 2020-20211 summer season due to the ongoing COVID-19 and Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Experience the thrills and excitement of amusement park attractions in Tokyo from home at the newly opened virtual “O-uchi Yuenchi” (Home Amusement Park)!


  Tokyo Event Calendar

Check out the latest event scheduled in Tokyo. You can see the list of all major festivals, fireworks, parades, religious events, and other events in Greater Tokyo.

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From Editor

From June to July is Tokyo's rainy season, but a bright summer will be waiting for us once it's over! Speaking of summer, beaches are a popular place for some fun in the sun, right? Luckily, there's a beach in Tokyo where you can swim with dolphins and feel the power of the Earth from a volcano. I haven't been there yet, but it seems like a scene fit for a stunning picture on the website!

Kyoko Higashi / TOKYO NOW Editorial Staff  


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