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Q Plaza IKEBUKURO is Transforming, Becoming a Landmark Entertainment Destination for Ikebukuro

With the many cinemas and theaters that are constantly appearing, standing out can seem like a near-impossible task. A new shopping center with enormous cinema complex is set to break that cycle this summer. Exciting adventures await at the massive Q Plaza IKEBUKURO cinema complex opening July 2019. Make your trip worthy of the big screen and experience movies.

Soon, a new addition to the various attractions available in Ikebukuro will open in July 2019: the one stop entertainment center Q Plaza IKEBUKURO. 14 exciting floors of entertainment will contribute to the busy Tokyo skyline, much to the delight of shoppers and film enthusiasts. Above the fourth level, the complex will offer about 2,500 seats facing its 12 high-quality screens and sound systems to enjoy all your favorite movies, including an incredible IMAX® theater at 18.9 meters tall by 25.8 meters wide, will be the largest IMAX® in the country, making it the best place to watch movies all year round. Selected screens will also be capable of providing a 4DX® experience to excite the senses.

With its state-of-the-art facilities, the entertainment complex aims to attract the diverse residents that live around Ikebukuro and set future standards. People of all generations and backgrounds will be able to enjoy all the offerings of Q Plaza IKEBUKURO from July 2019. Don’t miss your opportunity to join in with the movie-goers and shoppers at this new shopping center with cinema complex.

https://www.q-plaza.jp/ikebukuro (Japanese)

Enjoy Dinner and a Show At The Kanda Myojin Shrine

This year, the Kanda Myojin Shrine in Tokyo is celebrating its upcoming 1,300th birthday. A series of dinner shows, that welcome both Japanese and foreign guests are carried out at a new facility commemorating anniversary into this shrine since 13 March.

Originally built in 730, the Kanda Shrine has a long and rich history of hardships, triumphs, and joyful celebrations. “The Show,” which is held in Edo Culture Complex (EDOCCO) building, models itself on the shrine’s past, delivering both laughter and action to the audience while keeping them on the edge of their seats. The live performance is a mix of various Japanese theatrical traditions featuring such stock characters as the Shrine Maiden, the Samurai, or the Tengu (a supernatural creature from Japanese mythology).

But, of course, a big draw of these dinner shows is the food itself. The courses served at the EDOCCO building include classic Japanese hotpot dishes like shabu-shabu and sukiyaki, as well as fresh fish served in sashimi boats. Altogether, they should be more than enough to put you in the right mood for enjoying a piece of live Japanese culture performed before your very eyes.

The shows take place once a day between Monday and Friday, and the actors come down and mingle with the guests after each performance. Hopefully, you’ll be among them one night.

https://www.theshow.jp/ (Japanese)

Contact: KAZUO ENDO answer@theshow.jp

Travel Tips & Key Information
Take In a Panoramic View of Tokyo From an Open Top Bus

Tokyo has so much to offer that it’s easy to miss a lot of it. The VIP View Tour aims to fix that with their open top bus excursions into the heart of Tokyo, allowing you to experience this vibrant city with all five senses.

The tours, which started on 29 March, last for 70 minutes and follow two routes. The Bay Course departs from Tokyo Station, taking you past Tokyo Tower, through the Rainbow Bridge and into Odaiba, and later Ginza. The highlights of the City Course, on the other hand, include Meiji Jingu Gaien, Roppongi, and Hibiya Park.

The VIP View Tour doesn’t just offer you one of the most efficient ways to tour Tokyo, it also helps you do it in style thanks to the beautiful design of their red-and-black buses featuring many Japanese motifs. Reserve your ticket today to experience it all for yourself.


As an LGBT Friendly Hotel, Cen Diversity Hotel and Café Hope to Make Guests Feel Comfortable Traveling

Choosing the right hotel can be difficult, as it's meant to feel like home while abroad. However, coming soon to Hyakunin-cho in Shinjuku is the progressive Cen Diversity Hotel and Café that welcomes and respects all guests and ways of life. Celebrate the beauty of life with all kinds of people from around the world in one comfortable location in Tokyo, Japan.

As the name suggests, Cen Diversity Hotel and Café intends to reach out and offer an unforgettable experience to all guests regardless of race, religion, nationality, and sexuality. The new hotel in Shinjuku, has 44 rooms and promises to make the lodging experience very comfortable for all guests. Noise isolation from the busy sounds of the city will ensure that guests get enough sleep to enjoy the next day of travel and adventure. A beautifully designed modern café and open terrace will also be available for both reinvigoration and socialization.

Cen Diversity Hotel and Café proves its commitment to all cultures and ways of life by supporting the LGBT community in Japan. The company encourages people from this community to apply for work at the hotel, and will train staff in how to respect LGBT people. In fact, some designers of the immaculate building and its interior are members of the same community themselves. As an LGBT friendly hotel, Cen Diversity Hotel and Café hope to make guests feel comfortable traveling as a couple in a foreign land whose culture may be different from their own. Come and see the world through a whole new perspective while staying at Cen Diversity Hotel and Café.


The Latest Shows & Event
25 May - 30 June 2019
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02 June 2019
Tokyo BBQ festival 2019
02 - 07 June 2019
World Hydrogen Technologies Convention (WHTC 2019)
Venue: Tokyo International Forum
Attendees: 600
11 June - 23 Sep 2019
the 60th Anniversary of the NMWA
14 - 16 June 2019
Critical Link International Conference (CLI9 Tokyo)-Interpreting in the age of AI
Venue: Akasaka Campus at International University of Health and Welfare
06 - 08 July 2019
Iriya Asagao Matsuri (Morning Glory Festival) 
09 - 10 July 2019
Hozuki Bazaar in Senso-ji
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Visit the Future Tokyo 2020 Village of Harumi

Although not as well-known as Ginza or Roppongi Hills, Harumi has one claim to fame that the usual tourist hotspots don't. Not only is it the designated site of the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Games and Tokyo 2020 village, but it was also near the site for the Missing Olympic and Paralympic Games of 1940. Even outside of that, Harumi still has a lot more to offer.

With the Tokyo 2020 racing toward us, the site of the Tokyo 2020 village has already been decided. Missing out during the 1940 Olympic and Paralympic Games, this waterfront areas will finally be able to host the greatest athletes in the world.

Aside from the impending excitement of 2020, the surrounding area also has its own charms. You can explore the narrow streets of old-town Tsukishima and eat monjayaki (a type of Japanese pan-fried food) at one of the many famously delicious restaurants in the area. For those who enjoy fashionable shopping, you can combine a trip to Kachidoki with a stroll around Ginza, as the two neighborhoods are practically side-by-side and easily accessible thanks to the Kachidoki Bridge, which was designated as an Important Cultural Property of Japan in 2007.

While enjoying your shopping spree, why not also go to Toyosu? Not only does this comfortable town have large shopping centers and a park to enjoy, but, Toyosu is the new site of the famous Tsukiji Fish Market since October 2018. You can buy some fresh fish, watch the exciting tuna auctions, or just enjoy the park and other shops.

Monthly Video Spotlight
A City Evolving Redevelopment of Shibuya

As one of the most iconic locations in Tokyo, Shibuya is a bustling part of the metropolis that’s often at the top of sightseeing lists for travelers. What began as a humble village centralized around a train station, has grown into a major commercial district and a heart of entertainment in the city. While the area continues to rapidly evolve there are many major construction projects in the works. From new ways of accessing the different parts of Shibuya to the rooftop oasis of the Shibuya Scramble Square building there’s a lot to be excited about in the near future.


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