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Chara-ben classes in English

Bento is the term for single-portion boxed meals popular the world over. And chara-ben, short for “character bento,” where the rice and other food items are arranged to resemble characters, are catching on as a culture of the birthplace of manga and anime. WashoCook Co., Ltd., running a school of Japanese cooking in the English language, offers classes called Anime Characters Lunchbox to share the joy of making these chara-ben. The characters range from popular yuru-chara mascots to well-known names in anime. Participants learn how to create an octopus with sausage, flowers with an ultra-thin omelet, and the shape of a face with cutout seaweed and cheese over rice to complete a meal that’s almost too cute to eat. The lessons offer foreigners a change to experience Japanese culture through the national cuisine.




Anime Characters Lunchbox lessons in English (WashoCook Co., Ltd.)


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Studios in Yotsuya, Kichijoji, Shimomaruko, and Sagamiono (Kanagawa); Lessons are conducted in English

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TEL:090-1849-7240 (Japanese and English only)

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