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Tokyo's Local Food Local tastes from Tokyo's islands

Although they are far away from the main island, islands of Izu Island Chain and Ogasawara Island Chain are still part of Tokyo. Using the harvest from rich resources of the ocean, there are various local dishes of seafood, from sashimi and charcoal-grilled dish to steamed dish and miso soup. Each island has a characteristic in their cooking. Well-known island menus are enbai-jiru <soup seasoned with fish sauce of muroaji or Japanese mackerel> from Oshima, tataki-jiru <soup with seasoned fish cake> from Niijima, onji-jiru <soup with crab> from Shikinejima, dango-jiru <soup with fish balls of tobiuo or flying fish> from Hachijojima, akaba-jiru <soup with roughly-chopped red fish called akaba>, and so on.

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