Shinjuku Central Park

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Shinjuku Central Park is located right behind the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings. It is like an oasis for all the residents around here, the Shinjuku sub center of Tokyo, nestled between all the office buildings. Its overall size is 88,065.95 square meters and there are 80,000 trees planted there. Because of its size, the park makes the percentage of green area in west Shinjuku very high. Fixed under this park is a rainwater collection facility that collects and temporarily stores the rain water that penetrates down through the ground during times of heavy rain and storms.

Shinjuku Central Park was selected as one of the "One Hundred New Scenic Spots of Tokyo." When the cherry blossoms bloom in spring, the view is truly splendid.

Please look back over your shoulder and see the man-made "Shinjuku Niagara Falls."

When you turn around and have a look behind, you will get a wide panoramic view of all the skyscrapers in Shinjuku.

The building, which is really outstanding amongst this panoramic view of the Shinjuku skyline, is MODE GAKUEN Cocoon Tower. This building was designed by Tange Associates (City Construction Planning Office ), which is heavily influenced by the works of Kenzo Tange . The outer appearance of this very impressive building makes you imagine a cocoon.
*Above ground-part is a school house, and entry is not permitted except to prospective students and school officials.