Tokyo in winter


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Route: Matsuya (Ginza Main Store) >> Yurakucho Winter Illumination >> Marunouchi Illumination >> Tokyo Station GranRoof Crystal Illumination

The cool winter breeze brings with it a string of events, from Christmas to Valentine’s Day. This is the season when the streets of Tokyo light up with illumination displays. The route takes you ice-skating on an extraordinary rooftop terrace, and then on a tour of romantic night views in the districts of Yurakucho and Marunouchi and at Tokyo Station. The illuminations are never the same from year to year. The symbol of winter in Tokyo promises to satisfy couples and groups alike.

16:00 Tokyo Metro Ginza Line / Marunouchi Line / Hibiya Line Ginza Station Exit A12

Walk 3 minutes

16:03 地図上の1Matsuya (Ginza Main Store) Rooftop Terrace SORAxNIWA GINZA

In 2013, Matsuya Ginza became Japan’s first department store to open a rooftop ice-skating rink (only during winter). Enjoy ice-skating in this unexpected setting, surrounded by trees dressed in white illuminations. The terrace turns especially romantic after twilight. Another appeal is that lockers and skates are available for rent, so you can show up empty-handed. After skating, sip a warm drink at the adjacent café. A variety of other events are held during winter, so don’t forget to check the schedules before going out.

Walk 1 minutes

17:56 地図上の2Chuo-dori Street

Walk 4 minutes
Chuo-dori Street, before Matsuya Ginza, is reserved for pedestrians between noon and evening on weekends and holidays.

18:00 地図上の3Yurakucho Winter Illumination

Gaze at the illuminations in Ginza while strolling to Yurakucho Station, where more beautiful twinkling lights await. Virtually every tree in the station plaza, at Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan, and along the sidewalks is decorated in dazzling lights that blend in harmony with the cityscape. The plaza at Yurakucho Station stages countless events from late November to mid-February. Join the crowd for a fun night out.

Walk 5 minutes

18:30 地図上の4Marunouchi Illumination

The 1.2-kilometer-long Marunouchi Naka-dori Street, running through the business district between Yurakucho and Otemachi, lights up with trees dressed in illuminations. The 240 trees lining the street dazzle in the Marunouchi district’s original color, champagne gold, to make passersby feel as if they are walking through a tunnel of light. For an eco-friendly illumination, about 1.04 million LED bulbs are used and each consumes 65 percent less electricity than typical bulbs.

Walk 10 minutes

19:00 地図上の5Tokyo Station GranRoof Crystal Illumination

* Image from 2013

GranRoof is a new landmark of the Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit that opened in 2013. The grand roof, designed to represent a giant sail, is illuminated at night to create a romantic sight completely different from daytime. The immense pedestrian deck connecting the two tallest skyscrapers of the Yaesu area, GranTokyo North and South Towers, is set to be decorated in LED bulbs around Christmas. The beautiful, imaginative illumination promises to fill visitors with happiness.

Walk 1 minutes

19:30 JR Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit

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