Musashino, Tama


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Course: Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum >> Showakinen Park >> Sanrio Puroland >> Jindai-ji Temple

Go around to four popular spots in the Musashino, Tama area. First head to Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum in Koganei City. It is located inside the Metropolitan Koganei Park, and it relocated, restored, and preserved 30 structures from the Edo Period up to the early years of the Showa Period. The next stop is the Showa Kinen Park in Tachikawa City, which is colored with the flowers of each season and where various events are held. Don’t miss Sanrio Puroland in Tama City, where you can meet the popular Hello Kitty, and Jindai-ji Temple in Chofu City, which has 1,300 years of history.

9:20 JR Chuo Line Musashi-koganei Station

Bus 5 minutes5-min. walk from the Koganei Park West Exit bus stop

9:30 Map: 1Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum

On the 7-hectare land of the Metropolitan Koganei Park lies 30 structures from the Edo Period up to the early years of the Showa Period, which were relocated, restored, and preserved due to their historical value. Visitors can freely observe the inside of most structures, or enjoy the seasonal flowers outdoors. You can find the relocated Kodakara-yu, which stands as a representation of a Tokyo bathhouse, and also buildings that were referenced in the anime Spirited Away, which are visited by many anime fans.

5-min. walk to Koganei Park West Exit bus stop Bus 5 minutes

11:00 Map: 2JR Chuo Line Musashi-koganei Station

Train 14 minutes JR Chuo Line (heading to Takao)

11:14 Map: 3JR Nishi-Tachikawa Station

Walk 2 minutes

11:16 Map: 4Showakinen Park

“Is this still Tokyo?” will be the first thought that comes as you enter the vast grounds of the Showa Kinen Park. Enjoy cherry blossoms and tulips in spring, swimming and fireworks in summer, the scarlet foliage in autumn, illuminations in winter, and the events and blooms that change over the seasons. We recommend making use of the 14-km cycling course and going around by bicycle (bicycle rental is available). It is complete with a Japanese garden, a bonsai garden, and a barbecue garden.

Walk 13 minutes

13:00 Map: 5Tama Monorail Tachikawa-Kita Station

Train 22 minutes

13:22 Map: 6Tama Monorail Tama Center Station

Walk 5 minutes

13:27 Map: 7Sanrio Puroland

Sanrio Puroland is an all-weather indoor theme park where you can play with Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters. It has various attractions such as musicals, boat rides, and a visit to Hello Kitty’s home. Be enchanted with the illuminations and dances in their parade “Arigato Everyone!” There are Sanrio character merchandise that are only sold here, which would make the perfect souvenir.

Walk 7 minutes

15:00 Map: 8Keio Line Keio Tama Center Station

Train 11 minutes

15:11 Map: 9Keio Line Chofu Station

Bus 15 minutes 1-min. walk from the Jindai-ji Temple bus stop

15:27 Map: 10 Jindai-ji Temple

Jindai-ji Temple has 1,300 years of history, and is popular among those seeking to ward off evil spirits, increase their business prosperity, or boost their marriage luck. Surrounded by nature and adjacent to the Jindai Botanical Gardens, which opened in 1961, the area is usually lively with tourists who are after their specialty soba noodles, which was presented to the shogun back in the Edo Period.

1-min. walk to Jindai-ji Temple bus stop Bus 15 minutes

17:30 Keio Line Chofu Station

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