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Course: Tsukiji Outer Fish Market >> Kabuki Za >> Chuo-dori Street/Matsuya (Ginza) >> Marronnier Gate Ginza

Wake up early in the morning and have breakfast at the Tsukiji Outer Fish Market. After eating, head to Kabukiza Theater, which was renovated in 2013. Be charmed with the theater itself and feel the world of Kabuki in Kabukiza Gallery. Enjoy shopping in Matsuya (Ginza), which extends to Chuo-dori Street, and in Marronnier Gate Ginza on Ginza Marronnier-dori Street.

8:30 Toei Oedo Line Tsukijishijo Station

Walk 1 minutes

8:31 Map: 1Tsukiji Outer Fish Market

The market is already bustling with activity in the early hours. In the Tsukiji Outer Fish Market, have your breakfast cooked using fresh ingredients. The market is lined here and there with reasonably-priced and delicious food you can’t find anywhere else, including sushi, kaisen donburi (seafood rice bowl), and other hearty set meals. After finishing breakfast, stroll around and take a look at the specialty shops here, where you can find omelets, nori (seaweed), tea, as well as, cooking utensils.

Walk 15 minutes

10:00 Map: 2Kabuki Za

Kabukiza Theater

Kabukiza Theater specializes in Kabuki, making it the only one in the world that holds Kabuki performances throughout the year. Kabukiza Gallery is located inside the 5-story cultural establishment, Kabukiza Tower, behind the theater. Here, Kabuki costumes and props that are rarely seen up close are displayed. Even people who have never watched Kabuki will be enchanted with the place.

Walk 10 minutes

13:00 Map: 3Chuo-dori Street

On Chuo-dori Street, lying perpendicular to the subway Ginza Station, choose from well-established department stores such as Matsuya (Ginza) to the latest shops. The streets are lined with purveyors to the fashion-conscious.

Walk 5 minutes

14:30 Map: 4Marronnier Gate Ginza

Marronier Gate is a commercial facility, where you can find a fashion floor centered on high-quality multi-label stores such as United Arrows and Journal Standard L’essage, while the Tokyu Hands Ginza Store, with an array of items, should not be missed. From Japanese to Western to ethnic food, enjoy international cuisine on the restaurant floor.

Walk 3 minutes

16:00 Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line/Ginza Line/Hibiya Line Ginza Station

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